nekoli @nekoli
14 February, 07:30
I would like to extend my deepest graduate to our current monthly supporters of our ko-fi and Lev who very generously made a one time contribution of 100$, this is currently going towards being able to get the iOS version of the app out as quickly as possible.

You may always find our ko-fi at the right footer of our site, here it is though:

Thank you all for supporting the platform, whether it be financially or just be using it. I appreciate you all. c:
nekoli @nekoli
01 June, 03:07
Alright, going off the feedback received, I'm going to be focusing on adding some sort of translation system for posts, whether it be automatic or allow users to provide their own, and get the localization file for the site on a site like Crowdin to allow users to be able to submit translations for their own languages.

Next I'll be improving the experience of the explore page, so when you go to reply to a comment, it'll let you reply directly from the page, and having it remember where you left off last.

If you use the mobile apps, please let me know if you have any feedback regarding them.
nekoli @nekoli
31 May, 09:45
Hey all, I’m making a post because I’m interested in feedback on what you’re interested on being worked on next.

I have a few generic ideas of course, just wondering what you all are wanting.
nekoli @nekoli
29 May, 10:55
Hey all, the filter update has been completed and released on the web platform.

You can add words/phrases that will have their posts hidden by default, however you can still click to reveal them, similar to other post hiding features of the site. Go to Account Settings -> User Content Visibility to check it out.

Along with this, some other nice quality of life features have been added, such as the proper ability to upload transparency within PNG images.

Please feel free to join our Discord to provide feedback or let us know about any bugs you come across:
Dan20223 @Dan20223
28 May, 04:07
nekoli @nekoli
28 May, 06:10
Also, to all new users, please know you do have the ability to mark your post as sensitive or restricted.

Please do mark your post as restricted if it contains/links to nsfw content that way users that have not opt into viewing this content or shouldn’t be (under 18/haven’t provided birthday) are not doing so.

You can also mark your whole profile as restricted, which will require users, in addition to the above, to be logged in to view any content.
nekoli @nekoli
28 May, 06:06
Going to be working on pushing out the filter update hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks again for the support on the platform recently, we’ve had over 1k signups in 24 hours, please do keep sharing the platform with your friends and viewers if you enjoy it and wish to help support it.

pov me:
nekoli @nekoli
27 May, 01:11
Noticing an influx of user signups, quite a bit non English and would like to just welcome all of you.

We do have a mobile app for both Android and iOS, so be sure to search for it in the respective app stores to download.

Please let me know if you have any feedback or request, primarily through our discord:

You all are awesome. <3
nekoli @nekoli
25 May, 01:14
Hey all, sorry for the lack of dev post this week. I’ve not done much work due to the doggo that’s been with me all my life passing away from old age.

I’m doing okay, I’ve just been taking some time to process and accept everything.

I appreciate you all sticking around. Please do continue recommending the platform to your friends and viewers.
nekoli @nekoli
22 May, 01:36
Here’s a mock-up of how I’m thinking of doing hashtags, either by how it’s shown here or by letting a user tap to expand all.

Additionally, I’m thinking of not changing how you would create a post. It would just detect the tags in the post and show them at the bottom, showing the text in the original location.
nekoli @nekoli
20 May, 01:02
Would you guys be interested in hashtags instead being included in a single place below a post, rather than, wherever in the post? I feel this could lead to cleaner posts and have it so tags wouldn't count towards your limit.



nekoli @nekoli
17 May, 09:37
Twitch just launched their own version of Alerts that is addable as a browser source through your streaming software. This supports the typical events, followers, subscriptions, and more.

Seems pretty well thought out, I recommend checking out the links below for more information.

nekoli @nekoli
17 May, 07:30
This is related to the upcoming muting/filter feature.

Right now, posts that contain words/pharses you've muted will be hidden like how they're hidden if you've blocked a user or the post is out of your post sensitivity settings. You'll be able to click and then confirm that you wish to unhide that specific post.

This will only apply to posts in the explore feed. I kinda feel a user's timeline should be left unfiltered, since you're already following a user and opting in to view their content, however this can be changed if desired.
nekoli @nekoli
16 May, 10:13
I’m interested in adding support for YouTube to connections, however it doesn’t seem there’s an easy way to retrieve when someone is live like Twitch.

They do have a push notifications system for regular videos. If I wanted to add support for the live badge feature, I would have to manually poll their data api.

Is there a better way for this or no?
nekoli @nekoli
15 May, 05:18
A small update has been pushed to the explore page on the web. The people tab will now show live badges for those live on twitch.

Also corrected an issue with it displaying user countries when it shouldn't.

Hopefully will also get out explore filters later today.
nekoli @nekoli
14 May, 06:46
Are there any improvements or features for the platform you’re wanting most right now that would help make it have everything a creator needs?

I’m interested in what people are wanting, seeing if people hold similar ideas, and trying to focus on that majority first.

Thank you for being here during the early stages, I really appreciate it.
nekoli @nekoli
12 May, 10:12
Please do be sure that you’re properly flagging your posts, you can do this by clicking/tapping the shield icon next to the publish button.

This allows for other users that may not wish to see sensitive/restricted posts to hide it from their feed.

We do appreciate it. ❤️
nekoli @nekoli
09 May, 11:59
Hey all, the next update has been released for all platforms. This update includes new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements.

A big part of this being, the ability to set your pronouns through your account settings. Also, push notifications for mobile have been fixed.

Please join our discord to provide feedback or report bugs, thank you for being on vTubers.Me. c:
nekoli @nekoli
08 May, 10:47
The next update has already been approved for release by Google, still waiting on Apple.

Also, yes, this does fix notifications. However if you're on Android 13 or newer, you may need to manually allow them through app settings for existing installs.
nekoli @nekoli
07 May, 06:20
The next mobile app version will be pushed for review later today and then likely accepted about Tuesday. Once it has been accepted then I'll push the update for the main site.

There are some known issues with the app, however I want to get out what has been fixed now, since a majority of them have been fixed.

This update introduces pronouns, fixes several bugs, and provides performance improvements in several areas.

Please be sure to join our discord to provide feedback:
kuddlebee @kuddlebee
27 April, 08:03



🎨: @shaybun

#ENVtuber #VTubers
nekoli @nekoli
27 April, 02:00
Also, twitch integration has been fixed and the go live badge does properly work now. Sorry it took a bit to get to this, was just focused on other stuff.

Please go to your account settings to relink your twitch account.
nekoli @nekoli
27 April, 12:51
I've been testing and getting some feedback in our discord regarding how to go about pronouns on the site, what do you think?
nekoli @nekoli
20 April, 08:12
The next vTubers.Me Mobile app update will be pushed for review hopefully sometime next week, bringing most dependences closer to their latest version and Flutter to it's latest.

Along with bringing what's missing from the mobile app currently, mainly being able to edit posts, that the web platform currently has.

This update should also finally fix the issue with push notifications not working all the time.

Please join our discord to provide any feedback or chat with other members of the community:
ORiON ||: 𝘼𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙤𝙞𝙙 🪐 @ORiON
15 April, 12:49
I played IRyS' first song back in Christmas to celebrate 1K on Twitch! I hope to bring this energy back again one day. Maybe with new friends present.
#ENVtuber #vTuber #Music #VtubersUprising
Nozomi @nozomi
12 April, 09:43
˚₊· ͟͟͞͞➳❥ FREE TO USE


Download here👉

👍 and 🔁 are very much appreciated! ˙ᵕ˙

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nekoli @nekoli
12 April, 12:05
do you actually want posts to be branded as tubes/retubes 🐭



nekoli @nekoli
10 April, 08:18
Hey, I found that the OpenDyslexic font for the web platform was not loading in some browsers and this has been fixed. Please let me know if you have any other accessibility related requests (alt text for media will be coming in the short future).
nekoli @nekoli
09 April, 08:49
Happy Easter everyone, I’ve been working on the web platform/backend of the site patching bugs in some places and implementing some QoL stuff that has been requested.

Such as, you’re now able to drag n’ drop media directly to the “what’s on your mind” text area.

Please feel free to share feedback below or in our discord.
Scuffed VTuber Starg.. @StargazerEN
06 April, 02:55
Toying with it? Nope! They're open now! Submit your applications to become part of Ameagari! (Open to those 18 years of age or older) Posting here cause we don't have a group account on this site at the moment
kuddlebee @kuddlebee
03 April, 07:56




#ENVtuber #vTuber #subathon