Akantia @Akantia
15 May, 09:28
Hello website, good to see you back! I'll be live today at my regular summer time of 11am bst 💜
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
15 May, 02:35
Can summer break just be here already!
shaybun @shaybun
18 March, 06:17
made this art for my friend Velvet :3 she is doing a playthrough of supermarket simulator
shaybun @shaybun
04 April, 11:33
Look at this lil clown pfp i made for april fools! Also went back and edited a non clown version >:3

#AprilFools #VTubers
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
07 March, 03:36
...chat....we did it, chat...NEW GOAL: 50 followers, its pretty crazy, but i think we can do it :3
shaybun @shaybun
14 February, 05:26
doot doot doot doot doot doot doot doot BANANA PHONE!!!
The R-Man @TheRMan
28 February, 07:01
Is everything back?
It seems, everything is back again
02 February, 09:39
Replying to nekoli's Post
Account delegation. Allowing specific vtubers.me accounts to be invited to access a brand account for example. With some permission, like reading/replying to dms, posting messages or following/unfollowing accounts. Would be great for us, as then we don't have to share passwords.
Lord_Vermire @Lord_Vermire
30 January, 02:28
Nini, me eepy so gotta sleepy
#VTubers #ENVtubers #Vermart
Fortuna Tu ⬜ @FortunaTu
30 January, 03:25
I am... Tired. A like and repost on that thread will surely help with the pain on my back, please like and repost that...

Nah but for real, that took some work to make. I knew it would be arduous but my god. A like and repost would be greatly appreciated.
Lord_Vermire @Lord_Vermire
30 January, 12:37
Morning! Woke up for work but got told I don't gots to go? Guess I have a early start to the day haha
#VTubers #ENVtubers #Vermart
RED_117 @RED_117
26 January, 05:59
❄️ Eviria ❄️// Half .. @Eviria
27 January, 07:05

Hello snowdrops~ I'm live now and streaming Modded Lethal Company with frens~ Feel free to stop by and say hi!! ^-^

#EviStrem #Vtuberuprising
shaybun @shaybun
26 January, 03:31
Replying to nekoli's Post
shaybun @shaybun
26 January, 03:30
POV: you wake up and you look like THIS

Pandoramonium @Pandoramonium
23 September, 10:40
I have figured out VTubeStudio's new Advanced Lipsync!

I'll make a longer, more detailed video later for YouTube, but it's straight forward and simple!

There are a few downsides~

#ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising #Live2D #vTuber
RED_117 @RED_117
19 January, 01:13
Replying to nekoli's Post
Hello i really didint expect you to comment
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
19 January, 01:24
Boy, what a stream.
I don't really have the words beside what I've already said. Thank you for making this stream so special. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being there. Thank you for helping make my pond feel ever more brighter.
And until next time behave.

And thank you Tetsyv for the raid ❤️ (we went over to CenoCrocodile next 🐊)
L0veRaven @L0veRaven
19 January, 03:56
Lethal Company Collab RIGHT NOW!!! Joining in with SilasSmilesVT KaidossVT KiryuuVT and NightshadeKei

Come check us out on Twitch!

#vTuber #ENVtuber #livestream #livestreaming #Twitch #twitchtv
RED_117 @RED_117
19 January, 12:59
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
17 January, 09:28
Replying to nekoli's Post
Thank you, made them all myself 💕 (except the tail wag which is by Cenothecrocodile)
shaybun @shaybun
18 January, 01:32
*smiles at u cutely*
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
17 January, 04:28
How I draw stylized brains/guts, a completely arbitrary tutorial

- Blobs
- Add alternating lines inside the blobs
- Refine by separating slightly the blobs at the lines and accentuate the curve on the opposite side. Add details especially around that to show the material bending
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
17 January, 07:55
"10 Minutes Of A Soggy Cat Being A Scaredy Cat" OUT NOW on Youtube!😱🐀

Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
09 January, 02:05
It has been a long time (since last year actually) since I've posted a random interesting/cute gif. There ya go.
LuckyLemon8 VTuber @LuckyLemon8
09 January, 08:48
brainstorming outfit ideas for my vtuber!!

Lmk which one is your favorite :3 💛
Edena | Birding Up! @EdenaAymeris
05 January, 04:51
Replying to nekoli's Post
Thank you! Now i just need to kick my lazy birb butt into gear! *psychs self up*
Edena | Birding Up! @EdenaAymeris
05 January, 07:05
New year! New determination! Going to try to be active across all the platforms!
LuckyLemon8 VTuber @LuckyLemon8
05 January, 07:40
Finished Panels commission for Rory_emroy!

I had a lot of fun drawing these!!
Eva Nox @EvaNox
04 January, 05:23
I'm going to try to be more active on here. I know that it's sometimes a bit awkward because people don't respond as often as they do on other socials, but I want to post more than just "oh hey I'm live now" posts!