nekoli @nekoli
So... how are you all liking the update? Any feedback? Wishing something was included?
21 December, 03:56
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Auxiliary 🤖 they/the.. @AuxdroidVT
21 December, 05:24
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the only feedback i have is that the icon for tiktok blends into the void mode, shows on light and dark however
nekoli @nekoli
22 December, 12:45
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Yeah, those icons are temporarily, I want to make them all consistent with each other
Cmaster25 @Cmaster25
21 December, 02:37
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so far very interesting and nice! though i wanted to ask when would the submissions to verify a account in settings be avaiable? even though i dont meet the requirements for it, i feel it would make it easier then to go to the support account and get it verified there.
nekoli @nekoli
21 December, 03:26
Replying to Cmaster25's Post
well, what I was hoping for was being able to allow users to connect each social media and verify their account that way. however not all other platforms allow a way for this yet, so I need to think of a way that allows me to verify people own an account while it being simple for creators.
Lizardguy @Lizardguy
21 December, 12:19
Replying to nekoli's Post
So far so so good. Thanks for working so hard on it.