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shaybun @shaybun
04 April, 11:33
Look at this lil clown pfp i made for april fools! Also went back and edited a non clown version >:3

#AprilFools #VTubers
Ricardo B. Cruz @ricardobcruzvt
14 April, 08:06
Estou em live! Desenhando o cruzador leve classe São Cristóvão!

I'm on live! Drawing the light cruiser São Cristóvão-class!
#vTuber #VtuberBR #PNGtuber #Vtuberuprising #malevtuber #drawing #Warship
VTubers Universe @vtubersuniverse
14 April, 12:47
O VTuber Awards Brasil reúne #VTubers e públicos de todo o Brasil para celebrar os momentos mais importantes do cenário #VtuberBR 🍿

[EN] #VtuberAwardsBR brings together #VTubers and audiences from all over Brazil to celebrate VTuber's most important moments! ✨

Lobato @LobatoLive
13 April, 11:02
Ricardo B. Cruz @ricardobcruzvt
12 April, 07:30
Hoje tem stream de Sniper Elite 5 às 17:00, e dessa vez não vai ter problemas de FPS porque estou equipado com a RX 6600. Vamos ver como ela se sai na stream de hoje!

Today there's a Sniper Elite 5 stream at 5:00 PM (GMT -3), and this time there won't be any FPS problems because I'm equipped with the RX 6600. Let's see how it does in today's stream!

#vTuber #VtuberBR #PNGtuber #VtubersUprising
Lobato @LobatoLive
12 April, 03:07
Lobato @LobatoLive
12 April, 12:56
Persona 5 Royal - Parte 23 - YouTube

Persona 5 Royal (PC)Parte 23Castelo de Sae Nijima [Parte 3]Live da Twitch gravada em 09/04/2024.A Linha do tempo seguirá a data do jogo. O dia da semana será...

Ricardo B. Cruz @ricardobcruzvt
11 April, 05:48
Hoje estou livre o dia todo, será que aproveito para fazer stream?

Today I'm free all day, should I take the opportunity to stream?
#VTubers #VtuberBR
Ricardo B. Cruz @ricardobcruzvt
11 April, 12:30
Aos poucos estou evoluindo em como usar melhor a Twitch. Acabei de adicionar o comando clip, agora qualquer um pode clipar.

Bit a bit I'm evolving in how to use better the Twitch. I just added the command clip, now anyone can clip.
#Vtuberuprising #VtuberBR #vTuber
Ricardo B. Cruz @ricardobcruzvt
10 April, 12:06
What is that? Why eggs appeared in my house? And why there is 5 incubators as well? 😳
Seems there is only one thing to do and discover what are these eggs, I don't know how much time they will take to hatch. 😑
After further analysis, the eggs measure 15 cm and there is no known species would lay such eggs, should I be worried? 😰
Welp, that's it, I'll be taking care of these eggs. I just hope they are fertilized, because I'm anxious to see which creatures will come from them. 😊
#VTubers #VtuberBR #PNGtuber #Vtuberuprising
Ricardo B. Cruz @ricardobcruzvt
09 April, 07:56
Às 17:00 iniciarei a stream de Guns, Gore & Cannoli na Twitch. Se não é meu seguidor, me segue para não perder minhas streams!

At 5:00 PM I will start the Guns, Gore & Cannoli stream on Twitch. If you aren't my follower, follow me to not lose my streams!
#PNGtuber #VtuberBR #vTuber #Vtuberuprising
Ricardo B. Cruz @ricardobcruzvt
09 April, 11:47
Imperial salutations!
I'm Ricardo Beaufort Cruz, a retired Captain of Knightess (tank girls). I ended a journey in my life and now I'll start a new one, with anyone who'll be with me.
My content is mainly gameplays but I also did some streams where I draw ships (and maybe others vehicles in the future) and I have plans to increase my variety.
I'm available for online and offline collabs, I just don't play horror games. 😣
I have no oshi mark, yet, but I have some in mind but rn I'm focused in grow my channel an community.
My PNGtuber is made by Amiral Umine (or just Umine)
#vTuber #VtuberBR
Lobato @LobatoLive
09 April, 10:55
Ikarusvt @Ikarusvt
08 April, 07:33
Lobato @LobatoLive
08 April, 05:09
Persona 5 Royal - Parte 22 - YouTube

Persona 5 Royal (PC)Parte 22Castelo de Sae Nijima [Parte 2]Live da Twitch gravada em 07/04/2024.A Linha do tempo seguirá a data do jogo. O dia da semana será...

Polli Maskarad🦎💣 @PolliMaskarad
08 April, 02:34
Hey guys! I just made an account here at! I'm Polli Maskarad, a Vtuber that's half iguana and half chameleon! I love all types of explosives and I'm part of a gang ;)

Below is my link with my social networks and prices for my commissions! I make illustrations, character concept designs and ready-to-rig models!

- 💥💣

🎨 art by:

#vTuber #Vtuberuprising #Twitch #VArtist #VtuberBR
Lynn @lynntsuno
07 April, 11:25
vamos espalhar o dantismo aqui🙏
#VtuberBR #Dantewill
QueenBeeBee @queenbeebee_Art
07 April, 09:54
Ref Sheet - QueenBeeBee - PT/EN
Art/Rig - me :'D

👑 Art tag - #QBBart
🐝 Live tag - #QBBlive

【#Vtuber 🟣 #Vtuberuprising 🟣 #VtuberBR 🟣 #ENVTuber】
Lobato @LobatoLive
07 April, 03:33
Lobato @LobatoLive
07 April, 12:18
Olha para cima - YouTube

Jogo : Earth Defense Force 5 (PC)Gameplay completa em [M 5 I]: POR ME AJUDAR A COLOCAR UM V-TUBER NA ...

Lobato @LobatoLive
07 April, 12:15
Moto maluca - YouTube

Jogo : Earth Defense Force 5 (PC)Gameplay completa em [M 1 I]: POR ME AJUDAR A COLOCAR UM V-TUBER NA ...

Lobato @LobatoLive
07 April, 12:12
Helicoptero zoado - YouTube

Jogo : Earth Defense Force 5 (PC)Gameplay completa em [M 12 I]: POR ME AJUDAR A COLOCAR UM V-TUBER NA...

Lobato @LobatoLive
07 April, 01:23
Lobato @LobatoLive
06 April, 05:20
Lobato @LobatoLive
06 April, 05:18
Lobato @LobatoLive
05 April, 09:36
Lobato @LobatoLive
05 April, 08:31
Lobato @LobatoLive
05 April, 02:55
Lobato @LobatoLive
05 April, 02:52
Persona 5 Royal - Parte 19 - YouTube

Persona 5 Royal (PC)Parte 19O destino final de OkumuraLive da Twitch gravada em 04/04/2024.A Linha do tempo seguirá a data do jogo. O dia da semana será abre...

Lobato @LobatoLive
05 April, 02:48
Persona 5 Royal [Parte 18]
Após destruição do Castelo de Okumura
Explorando Mementos para aumentar Rank de Caroline e Justine

#vTuber #VtuberBR #BRVtuber #vtuberbrasil #YouTube #gameplay #PCGames #Video #LiveNaTwitch #LobatoGameplays #LobatoLive #Persona #Persona5 #persona5royal #P5R #P5Royal #steam
Persona 5 Royal - Parte 18 - YouTube

Persona 5 Royal (PC)Parte 18Após a destruição do Castelo de OkumuraExplorando Mementos para aumentar o Rank das gêmeas de Velvet RoomLive da Twitch gravada e...

Lobato @LobatoLive
04 April, 03:15

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