nekoli @nekoli
19 September, 08:26
Going live with a bit of Minecraft and might swap to Overwatch later with a friend :3
nekoli @nekoli
17 September, 01:07
I wonder what this could lead to, maybe something made by a friend.
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
07 September, 04:30
One of the Things I enjoy about Vtubers is the Menagerie of Animal/ Monster/ Creature/ Myth beings that people express themselves as. If you are among these people, Share yourself! I want to meet more of you! #vTuber #ENVtuber #VtubersUprising #VTUBERSUPPORTCHAIN
nekoli @nekoli
13 August, 07:00
Hey all, hope you are doing well. Just wanted to let you know that updates are being worked on and will be released more towards the end of or beginning of this month.

Quite a bit of it is requested, some qol, but this is just to say things are being worked on.

Thank you for using vTubers.Me
Be sure to invite your friends and support our ko-fi if you’re able to.
nekoli @nekoli
07 August, 01:32
CREATORS! Trying to find games both you and your friend(s) own? You can use steam's advanced search filter for the library, which also has other filterable options.

You can also save it as a dynamic collection if you frequently do this for easy access.
nekoli @nekoli
29 July, 09:47
Sold my laptop in an attempt to be able to make my car payment and this is how it arrived to the buyer. I now have to refund them and be out both a laptop and what I would have made from it.

Please support if you can:
nekoli @nekoli
28 July, 06:26
Considering that someone on the bird app was just willing to yeet light mode away without thinking, thought it would be time to bring it to the mobile app.

Next update will also include more bug fixes, one primary for android devices where some were not able to add media to posts due to the app not requesting the proper permissions.
nekoli @nekoli
26 July, 05:47
QOL Change live now, this also includes the message input being changed to a text area to allow for theses next lines in direct messages.
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
23 July, 05:11
I finished my rat boi so let me present to you Warcrimes, he's just a lil guy❤️
I promise you this is not the only Warhammer thing that will come out of me 😏alsoIknowthegreyfurisnotreallyloreaccurateforaslavebuthelookscute

#ageofsigmar #Skaven #warhammer #WarhammerArt
nekoli @nekoli
21 July, 01:56
Successful send to multiple devices, just need to add the new types of notifications and test.
shaybun @shaybun
19 July, 06:20
Forgot to post this here before but here is another practice commission that i did for my friend @AirinHawnt :D very happy with how it turned out!
nekoli @nekoli
19 July, 05:20
Gonna have a same day update out, yippee
Spoofie @spoofie_g
17 July, 08:58
Vtuber Smash or Pass

Where do you think you’ll place?
Drop your reference or PNG below to see how smashable you are~

Please repost(retweet) so more vtubers can see this ❤️
#Vtubers️ #ENVtubers #Vtuberuprising
shaybun @shaybun
15 July, 06:05
Practice commission done for @Selena_Nocturus !~ >:3 gonna post more of these very soon!
nekoli @nekoli
15 July, 04:46
Stream Ended!

Hey, I'm going live with starting w/ Minecraft, please drop by and do my new Happy, Happy, Happy cat redeem! :3

You can also ask questions regarding vTubersDotMe or just lurk.
otaku binary オタクバイナリ @otakubinary
14 July, 05:03
Don't forget drink water
It's important
nekoli @nekoli
13 July, 12:14
🤔 yippee
nekoli @nekoli
03 July, 10:14
Released a QOL update, you can now quick reply to a thread like it should have been from the beginning.
nekoli @nekoli
26 June, 02:23
Translations for posts are (almost) here, sorry it's been taking a little long. I've been working on it a bit each day, been getting killed at irl work and when I get home I'm left pretty worn out.

Love you all. 🐭👍
nekoli @nekoli
14 June, 07:58
Thanks for the suggestions @discord

If only there was some sort of system possible that didn’t require unique names and most companies have begun migrating over to over the past few years. 🎉
nekoli @nekoli
10 June, 11:37
hey all, just letting you know that the updates I discussed a few days ago are still being worked on. I appreciate the patience and am working as much as I reasonably can. (just have other stuff that gets in way)

Here’s a cat in the mean time.
Dan20223 @Dan20223
28 May, 04:07
nekoli @nekoli
28 May, 06:06
Going to be working on pushing out the filter update hopefully tomorrow.

Thanks again for the support on the platform recently, we’ve had over 1k signups in 24 hours, please do keep sharing the platform with your friends and viewers if you enjoy it and wish to help support it.

pov me:
nekoli @nekoli
22 May, 01:36
Here’s a mock-up of how I’m thinking of doing hashtags, either by how it’s shown here or by letting a user tap to expand all.

Additionally, I’m thinking of not changing how you would create a post. It would just detect the tags in the post and show them at the bottom, showing the text in the original location.
nekoli @nekoli
17 May, 09:37
Twitch just launched their own version of Alerts that is addable as a browser source through your streaming software. This supports the typical events, followers, subscriptions, and more.

Seems pretty well thought out, I recommend checking out the links below for more information.
kuddlebee @kuddlebee
27 April, 08:03



🎨: @shaybun

#ENVtuber #VTubers
nekoli @nekoli
27 April, 12:51
I've been testing and getting some feedback in our discord regarding how to go about pronouns on the site, what do you think?
nekoli @nekoli
20 April, 08:12
The next vTubers.Me Mobile app update will be pushed for review hopefully sometime next week, bringing most dependences closer to their latest version and Flutter to it's latest.

Along with bringing what's missing from the mobile app currently, mainly being able to edit posts, that the web platform currently has.

This update should also finally fix the issue with push notifications not working all the time.

Please join our discord to provide any feedback or chat with other members of the community:
ORiON ||: 𝘼𝙣𝙙𝙧𝙤𝙞𝙙 🪐 @ORiON
15 April, 12:49
I played IRyS' first song back in Christmas to celebrate 1K on Twitch! I hope to bring this energy back again one day. Maybe with new friends present.
#ENVtuber #vTuber #Music #VtubersUprising
Nozomi @nozomi
12 April, 09:43
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Download here👉

👍 and 🔁 are very much appreciated! ˙ᵕ˙

#ENVtuber #VtuberUprisings #FreeVtuberAssets #VTuberAssets