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Ace @headspaceace
14 March, 04:43
Hello, I'm Ace. I'm a mother of 1 and an older sibling of 2. I'm on here to support some friends of mine and post some random thoughts I have in my head. That's all I'm going to share about myself
Ace @headspaceace
12 April, 03:57
Ты наелся моей плоти аж до тошноты
Моё сердце ещё бьётся полное любви
Ты напился моей крови аж до тошноты
Помню, я была живая, а теперь, как ты
Translation: You ate my flesh to the point of nausea
My heart is still beating full of love
You drank my blood to the point of nausea
I remember I was alive, but now, like you
-Dead But Pretty, by IC3PEAK
Ace @headspaceace
09 April, 02:19
Perks of working at a bakery, free sweet treats for me and my family!
Ace @headspaceace
03 April, 03:14
Ah yes! It's another beautiful day where it's snowing where I am and I want to go see friends, but I can't due to being tired for driving my sister t her friends house at 1 A.M. in the morning. Man who knew siblings would use you for driving them around!
Ace @headspaceace
02 April, 02:19
Who knew I was going to be an aunt, anyways just a funny story. My little brother really loves Murder Drones and somewhat in the past, my little sister and her friend started calling my brother a mini Uzi because in their server full of friends, he would always say "Bite me" at the most random times. For my family, I love Omori, my sister loves Pokemon, and my little brother loves Murder Drones. I wonder what my sisters little one is going to like.
Ace @headspaceace
18 March, 04:44
"It goes, all my troubles on a burning pile. All lit up and I start to smile. If I catch fire then I'll change my aim. Throw my troubles at the pearly gates." -Burning Pile by Mother Mother
Ace @headspaceace
18 March, 04:04
If I was a streamer, I would base all my emotes on Cyn. I am sorry but Cyn is so fucking cute