nekoli @nekoli
So how are you guys enjoying the what's new / following tabs for the timeline?
06 January, 05:31
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Cmaster25 @Cmaster25
06 January, 07:31
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definetely noticed that im scrolling way more through now :3 is there a way though to filter what posts i see from what language? i have seen a lot of posts from languages i dont speak and i'd like to filter certain languages im not very interrested in.
nekoli @nekoli
07 January, 11:33
Replying to Cmaster25's Post
not by language at the moment. you could add those common phrases to your filter in the settings to hide them for now.

Right now, the only cost effective way I can think of allowing filtering language is if a user set a language for their user and based it off that. language apis are expensive.
🌒 Selena Nocturus 🌒🦊.. @Selena_Nocturus
06 January, 06:00
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Is this on mobile yet?
nekoli @nekoli
06 January, 07:32
Replying to 🌒 Selena Nocturus 🌒🦊🐇📚's Post
You can use a mobile web browser to navigate the web version of the site, but it may take a bit of time for it to get to the official apps.

Though, the low quality post setting will apply to mobile as well.