nekoli @nekoli
Hey all, just looking for feedback on what features/suggestions you'll like focused on next for the site/mobile?
27 January, 10:29
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Studios Maravillosa .. @MaravillosaLunaShop
20 February, 09:40
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Streaming capabilities C=
Coal G. Levaux @Orgaysis
19 February, 10:16
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Whenever I post while on my page allow my feed or page to auto update w/o me having to refresh.

This was something I been noticed but just never thought to mention. Sometimes I'd post the same thing twice thinking it didn't go through.
Coal G. Levaux @Orgaysis
19 February, 10:09
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Maybe having a little note that slides out of the add banner icon that tells us the preferred dimensions.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
19 February, 06:08
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Group chats with multiple people? (if that isnt already a feature)
Karmakat @Karmakat
17 February, 02:28
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Allowing links for YT to show the vids on the post? Like on X
RED_117 @RED_117
09 February, 08:49
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no pressure but if there is a way to sort out what users has the most post
06 February, 07:48
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Not platform breaking or whatever, but the What's New tab tries to show posts from people that have blocked me, and finding out that one has been blocked like that definitely has the potential for drama.
R0g3rW4bb17 @r0g3rw4bb17
03 February, 11:01
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An API. Scheduled posts too. And fixes on some bugs. I keep getting the same notifications for the same things. Even posts I've already looked that.

After that, it's great. :)
nekoli @nekoli
06 February, 12:45
Replying to R0g3rW4bb17's Post

Scheduled posts I want to do, but doing it right takes a bit of work, so I haven't focused on it.

Can you show an example of repeated notifications?
02 February, 09:39
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Account delegation. Allowing specific accounts to be invited to access a brand account for example. With some permission, like reading/replying to dms, posting messages or following/unfollowing accounts. Would be great for us, as then we don't have to share passwords.
Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
29 January, 01:01
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You know what I want but I'll repeat it anyway.
I want a sort by popular, that is the most liked/commented etc.
I want an option to filter out all live notif, I can filter it out manually with the word filter but that might take out other posts that have nothing to do with live notif.
nekoli @nekoli
29 January, 05:18
Replying to Page D'Maj's Post
Yeah, what's new will change to a more popular sorting.

Also, you can toggle low quality posts to filter them now under feed preferences.
RED_117 @RED_117
27 January, 05:55
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would it be possible to be able to view comments without having to got to "view thread"
Fortuna Tu ⬜ @FortunaTu
27 January, 03:54
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I think focusing on 2FA would be the best, security is very important after all. After that maybe something more focused on advertising. Idk much about that so i might be talking out of my ass, but an embed that shows the gif/video/audio might help! Lastly, one more on the personal side, but i wish i could use the Translation option with the others as well as being able to add it later, cuz that would help with the Tube's reach.
nekoli @nekoli
29 January, 05:21
Replying to Fortuna Tu ⬜'s Post
Yeah, 2fa really needs to come and I will focus on that.

What do you mean regarding the embed? For what shows when linking off platform?

What options are you unable to use that translation one with that you wish you could?