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Alex @Alexwhoisgay
09 April, 03:37
Alright! I am going to finally start taking drawing commissions! If you want one, DM me on or discord: @alexwhoisgay and ill try to get them done as soon as possible!!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
22 June, 01:19
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
21 June, 11:34
Watching pokemon rn (the anime). im surprised i havent watched it sooner, especially since im in my pokemon phase. anyway, ill give yall the update tonight or tomorrow of how far i get and how much i like it!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
21 June, 10:32
Bro why is detective pikachu so sad im rewatching it and im breaking down in tears like wtf T^T
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
19 June, 12:37
anyone on switch wanna play mhur with me? if yes my team id is 57843, hope someone joins T^T
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
18 June, 04:36
ok, i apologize to everyone for my brain coming up with this stupid idea.

day 2 of asking Lord Vermire if they want to collab when im a vtuber.

My brain said just keep doing annoying shit until they say yes, and i gave in and now i hope im not being too annoying vermire im sorryyyyyy T^T
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
18 June, 03:32
hehe iykyk
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
18 June, 02:40
bro why is it so hot outsideeeee i miss the cold 😭 its so hot my glasses fogged as soon as I walked out my house
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
16 June, 08:33
I'll be honest, i kinda feel bad for having so many followers on here. I mean- i have over 60, and all i do is post memes and stupid shit! There are some awesome- and lemme say actual vtubers on here that I personally feel like they need more credit. So lemme @ a few of them here.

@Lord_Vermire once i become a vtuber, i wanna collab. hmu if you wanna too :3

apparently only @ one bc i dont know many others-
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
16 June, 12:21
Alright. This will be the pinned post on my page, so you know its good.

I have a massive goal, but i think we can reach it. 100 followers on, and ik this is small, but 5 followers on twitch. Ik I haven't started streaming yet, but i am working on my model right now *at this literal moment*, and I am crazy excited for it.

it would mean the world to me, so I really hope everyone can follow me, because it would be a dream come true. Love yall!!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
15 June, 02:30

Your awesome :3
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
12 June, 05:05
Hihi! Just wondering for when I start streaming, is minecraft back in?? Im seeing alot of big youtubers like shoto and kenji playing minecraft, so im wonderin.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
31 May, 03:44
im watching mugen train rn, and im at the hour 13 min mark, and tanjiro and insouke legit just said teamwork makes the dreamwork, im dying xd

also, rengoku has no business being this cool
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
31 May, 03:30
Alr chat, i know I havent posted in a while, that's for good reasons. No internet at home, schools out, havin fun going to places. Hope everyone is having an amazing summer so far, and if you ever feel useless, remember that nezuko has a voice actor.

Also, i might post alot today if i feel like it, so prepare for the absolute hell i will make this website.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
06 May, 12:08
CHAT!! Amazing news. I finally got someone who's willing to help me make my model!! It'll cost $100 for the art and the model, so thank god I saved my money this past month. (language incoming) I'm so fucking excited, being a vtuber is my dream job and i finally might be able to start! Go follow on twitch just in case I start streaming anytime soon. Love ya'll and I hope ya'll are as excited as I am, because this is a massive step for me.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
03 May, 01:56
i know yall prolly dont care, but im goin on day 3 without talking to the person that i wuv more than anything and i def dont feel good. noticeable symptoms: loss of appetite, feeling sad 24/7, not good sleep, very irritable. just a little reminder, dont get addicted to talking to someone if you know youre not gonna be able to talk to them every day. dont want my chat to feel sad like me. anyway love yall!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
03 May, 12:49
chat...shes- shes everywhere! I can't stop her! No...NO- HELP!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
02 May, 04:55
Hihi, chat! Sorry for the late post, i completely forgot T^T and im feeling a little shaky, so i wont post as much today or tomorrow.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
01 May, 03:33
alr yall, 100th post, special drawing. ya'll can choose the pose and colors and everything. plz go easy on me T^T just comment the number of the pose you want me to do from left to right. first one, 1, second one, 2 etc.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
30 April, 01:57
@RED_117 sadly wont be posting anymore/will be rarely. his school blocked so he wont be able to post T^T let us all prauch for the loss of the fellow individual
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
29 April, 05:48
any ideas on good ways to make money as a 14 y/o? i need money desperately T^T
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
29 April, 12:51
Morning chat!! Still sick, but ya'll have gone a whole week without memes, so i gotta keep bein ya'll supplier. a pokemon meme cause its the best i got rn. i really gotta download somemore t-t anyway if yall like my memes, like the post, even if you dont, like the post it makes me feel happy. anyway love ya'll and if yall want, i can give another sneak peak of my model design :3
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
26 April, 04:33
love how i havent even started streaming at all or even have a model for that fact and i already have a channel mascot. this is what happens when you give someone with adhd free time; they do stuff that they're not really sure they should do yet but they still do it for the fun of it
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
26 April, 01:31
Good morning, chat. Still a little sick, think i might be better on monday, so until then, I hope you guys have an amazing weekend and I love ya'll. And remember, dont do random stuff that'll get you sick like your auntie alex. yes, this includes licking lamp posts (dont ask)
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
25 April, 03:09
ok yall so im drawing rn, and i suggested that red get a mullet and he says "nah thats for texas people only" and i was like- texas and georgia are right next to each other right- SO THEN THIS BITCH *points at @RED_117 * TRIES TO GASLIGHT ME SAYING ITS 5 STATES AWAY (its 3 btw). this is what our normal conversations are like btw *wheezeee*
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
25 April, 01:22
Oh shit- when did that happen-???
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
25 April, 12:42
Good morning, chat. Still a little sick, so no daily post. *dramatic pose and lighting* please forgive me.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
24 April, 02:19
Morning, chat! Super eepy and a little sick, so no daily post today. hope you can survive without my memes feeding into you. Anyway I started murder drones yesterday to see what all the hype was about, and i gotta say, N is pretty freaking adorable. oh and i watched amazing digital circus yesterday too, and honestly, all the hype was worth it cause both are really good.

If ya'll wanna enjoy these, i can leave a link to my spotify where i will make a playlist of all the MD episodes so far. love yall!!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
23 April, 01:06
Good morning, day, or night, chat!! Today's daily post is gonna be a rant of why i want Stain to be added to mhur (my hero ultra rumble)

First of all, how cool would it be to play as the *hero killer*. that'd be so freaking cool. i kinda think that the game devs forgot that Stain exists, because they added afo. no hate to afo, i just dont like him very much. BUT STAIN. First of all, i feel like different outfits could be with the mask and without, and then maybe an everyday outfit cause yk, even the hero killer wants to relax sometimes. if you dont know who the hero killer/stain is, here. VV
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
22 April, 02:32
hihi chat! i have a small sneak peak of my design for my model here for ya! as you can see, completely different design from my old one of kuroi, and now, i think im ready to build her in live 2d. now i just gotta learn how to.

also i got my twitch up and made, so go follow me at and i love yall!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
22 April, 12:43
Good morning, day, or night, chat!! Been working on a big project for the past- week? week and a half? I love how its coming out. i might give some small sneak peaks here and there if im feeling ballsy :3 anyway have a good day and i hope your morning isnt as shitty as mine. love yall!!