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Alex @Alexwhoisgay
09 April, 03:37
Alright! I am going to finally start taking drawing commissions! If you want one, DM me on or discord: @alexwhoisgay and ill try to get them done as soon as possible!!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
12 April, 05:28
@RED_117 *does anything*
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
12 April, 02:32
Also, anime recs comin atcha!
-Hunter x Hunter
-My Hero Academia

Both are adorable to me and both are my current obessions.
Hunter Hunter is cute, the character designs are awesome, it has good storyline, and it has over 100 episodes so u can binge it really well
Mha i know isnt alotta people's cup of tea because its geared more towards teenagers, but it was my first ever anime that i ever watched and thats why its one of my favorites. The first couple episodes make it super easy to get into, and characters are amazing and overall the storyline is super good. the manga is also really good to
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
12 April, 01:16
Good morning, day, or night, chat! Alr, daily post today for the first time in a while, i hope you guys havent gotten bored or died from the lack of memes. Anyway, happy friday and have good day
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
11 April, 07:02
Yo, chat, manga recommendations comin at you.
-I was reincarnated as the 7th prince so i can take my time perfecting my magical ability
-Komi Can't Communicate

Both are very wholesome other than a few kind of lewd frames in 7th prince, 7th prince is easily becoming one of my favorite mangas, i def recommend it.
Komi is just so freaking cute, its one of my favorite mangas and i def recommend it too.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
11 April, 01:18
mk chat, just wanna put one thing that im personally getting attacked for alot. you see, im not very good at drawing bodys/anatomy so i use drawing bases. they help a lot and i always add my own clothes, hair, faces, stuff like that. lately, someone has been saying that i trace, which to me that doesnt seem fair because I dont. I use bases like a lot of other artists, and im getting accused for it being my type of art? sure its not an "art style", but some artists still dont have an art style and they've been drawing for years. i started drawing because it helps me show my emotions,
check com
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
10 April, 02:25
Alr, no daily post, but ive been listening to hazbin hotel music nonstop for the past- 2 days and i got a little question/conspiracy.
So in the song "you didnt know", charlie and emily say "angels can do whatever and remain in the sky" meanwhile vaggie and lucifer?!?
Well, i was thinking, vaggie and lucifer only got cast down to hell because they not only wanted change, but they *enacted it* behind heaven's back. Only reason that adam and lute and the exterminator army were able to stay in heaven was because they didnt want change and they didnt try to enact it.

hazbin conspiracy series?
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
10 April, 12:46
Good morning, day, or night, chat! Another day, another scuffed morning. From feeling like i wanna throw up to not sleeping very well, i have all the physical scuff someone could have, so once again, no daily post, hopefully im feeling better and i can post normally again for the rest of the week. Love yall.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
09 April, 01:18
Good morning, day, or night, chat. I'm feeling much better today, not as stuffy and definitely not as nauseous which is definitely better. I'm working on a big project, so the daily post is gonna be kinda- kinda lame.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
08 April, 01:06
Good morning, day, or night chat! Today, no daily post, im super not feeling good. something small came up this morning which made me personally really upset, so im gonna try and just calm down a little so i dont yk, start crying, and i hope you guys can survive without your daily dose of memes. anyway love ya'll, and i promise ill give yall the best memes ever tomorrow if im feeling better.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
05 April, 03:30
Good morning, evening, or night chat. today im not feeling the best so no daily post today. not sure whats goin on, if i have a cold, flu, allergies, not really sure, only thing thats happening is my nose is really runny and my eyes water whenever i yawn, so im thinking its allergies but not really sure.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
04 April, 12:56
Alr chat, ill redo the poll for who to choose for me to draw cause everyone got one vote T^T im hoping i can get more people to vote

Ga Ming



7 people voted
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
03 April, 05:15
Alright, 3 hours for this beauty! Thank you guys so much for all your support and you guys can expect something special for the daily post tomorrow!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
03 April, 12:49
also i know i legit just posted, but- 3?!? THREE FOLLOWERS YESTERDAY! Thank everyone so much for supporting me and my memes, and ill start working on the thank you art today. thank you guys so much 😭😭😭
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
03 April, 12:47
good morning chat! Pretty good morning for me so far, hope ya'lls is good as well. This morning, found all my pillows on the floor and my cat choosing to lay on my face. i dont think she understands the concept of breathing issues ._.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
02 April, 05:17
anybody else have one of those friends that are always there to help you when ever you have anxiety? i call them struggle buddies, and for me its my older sister. she helps me alot when im feeling really sad and i help her alot too.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
02 April, 01:18
ALSO!!! Another post, i know, crazy, but thank you so much to @NeonAxoVT for helping me get one step closer to my goal of 40 followers! I have 39 right now, and honestly, it feels like i only hit 30 a few days ago, and I just wanna say from the bottom of my heart thank everyone so much for following me, and if i can get to 40 followers either today or tomorrow, that would make me the happiest little goofy goober ever. If i can get to 40 followers, then i'll celebrate by drawing an art piece just to show how much i appreciate every single one of my followers. I love you guys so much!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
02 April, 12:49
Good morning, chat! Hope life's treating ya'll as well as it's treating me. Woke up at some random time last night and then went downstairs and watched hazbin hotel tik toks until i couldnt stay awake :3 my sleep haz-bin worse (hehe- you know...cause- has been- hazbin hotel-? im gonna stop now) lately, and i assume its just cause of the stress and drama thats going on in my life right now.

Also! I need some more cute/wholesome animes and manga to start, so let me know a few down below! ^^

Daily post as always, and i hope yall have a wonderful day
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
01 April, 01:44
First post back from hiatus! I'm really happy to be back, and I hope you guys are ready to get your daily prescription of memes (prescribed by yours truly) cause their even more silly than they used to be. If you wanna suggest a certain tv show/game, please comment the title and I'll try to get a few of them mixed in with the silly goofy other ones. has been one of my favorite places to hang out. Everyone here is funny and fun, I met the love of my life (@RED_117 ❤), I met one of my best friends (@imjusthere_22 ), and is one of the best communities I have ever been in.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
20 March, 05:24
Alr chat I got a little thing to say.
I'm going to be taking a little hiatus from the social medias including on here, there's alotta stupid drama going on with me and some other people, and my only way that I can think of getting rid of that drama is so get off of my socials just for a little bit or a while (depending on what happens).
This does mean that ya'll wont be able to get your daily perscription of memes, (prescribed by yours truly) and y'all have been a wonderful community and has been a wonderful place to hang out.
-love (no homo), Alex
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
20 March, 01:15
Been a while since Ive drawn my main oc, Hikurai. She's a 16 year old, and her dad is a demon and her mom is an angel. I can post her full backstory if this gets enough likes.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
20 March, 12:52
Morning chat! How we doing today? Me, not very good. My cat woke me up at 2 this morning. At least I have Yoasobi and Pookie-wookie to help me wake up.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
19 March, 06:41
I just wanna talk to pookie, why cant his teachers leave him alone T^T T^T T^T
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
19 March, 02:26
see, when people ask what I want to be when I grow up, I dont say vtuber. I say teacher, and the only reason is because most people/adults don't know what a vtuber is, and most situations end up with me explaining live streaming to my dentist or grandma. "So, what do you wanna be when you grow up?" I wanna be a vtuber. "A what?" Its like- someone who streams and they use a model to stay anonymous. "do you get money from it?" yea. people watch my streams and donate money to me. "So it's like a charity?" No- you know what. yes. it is. ._.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
19 March, 12:45
Good morning! Hope everything's going well ^^ Daily post, as always!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
18 March, 03:08
I do get some questions about my art and drawings, so I'll answer one here!
Where do I get my drawing bases/references?
I get almost all of them off of Google and Pinterest, but some I find on discord and on here! My favorite bases to find are couple ones and chibi ones, mostly because I find them more fun to draw.
If you want to ask me a question, feel free to message me or comment on this post!
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
18 March, 12:45
also, I finished the drawing, so here if you wanna see it :3 I posted the sketch and final drawing just in case you wanna see the before and after
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
18 March, 12:34
Good morning, chat. Hope life's treating ya'll better than its treating me.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
15 March, 03:15
cute little sketch of something I'm drawing :3
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
15 March, 12:48
Chat, you know that time it is.
Alex @Alexwhoisgay
14 March, 03:46