vTubers.Me @vtubersdotme
19 January, 02:08
Have any questions, feedbacks or concerns? Feel free to make a post and mention our founder @nekoli or join our discord!

🎇 https://discord.gg/VJbQD4Uebv 🎇
nekoli @nekoli
11 March, 01:37
Hello all,

The connections update is finally released. Going to your Account Settings then Connections, you'll be able to connect your TwitchTV account which will be able to interact with vTubers.Me in various ways:

- Showing a live badge when you're live where your profile shows up on the site.

- Notify your followers when you go live (Soon)

- Show your follower stats (Really soon)

Along with this, I've increased the password max length for accounts from 20 to 50.

Please join our Discord if you have any issues or feedback. :)

vTubers.Me @vtubersdotme
18 February, 06:57
To all the creators out there facing relentless abuse while streaming games surrounding their childhood, we want you to know that this isn't okay. Your well-being and mental health matter. Take a break and prioritize self-care when needed. We stand with you and support you. 💖
nekoli @nekoli
10 February, 07:14
Hey all, the update for the android version of the app was released, resolving the issue with scaling for larger screens.

Please let me know anymore feedback you have regarding the app.
vTubers.Me @vtubersdotme
05 February, 09:39
Hey everyone, I am very happy to announce that vTubers.Me mobile app has officially been approved and released to the Google Play Store, you may find it here:


The iOS version will be coming soon, apologies for the wait on it.
MopsBot @MopsBot
04 February, 10:43
Our team has some good news today.... we have officially started working on the vtubers.me integration.

Hopefully by the end of the week you will be able to track your profiles and have the automatically post to discord.

We will update you all with sneak peaks and updates as we progress!

in the meantime why not add mops and use some of its other features?
vTubers.Me @vtubersdotme
23 January, 02:55
Hey all, Direct Messaging has been patched and reenabled on the site!
nekoli @nekoli
22 January, 05:14


I will try to make this much more clearer, but essentially, anything nuditiy = restricted. anything suggestive = probably sensitive.

As always, welcome to provide feedback.

vTubers.Me @vtubersdotme
19 January, 02:08
Have any questions, feedbacks or concerns? Feel free to make a post and mention our founder @nekoli or join our discord!

🎇 https://discord.gg/VJbQD4Uebv 🎇
nekoli @nekoli
19 January, 12:23
A small revamp has been done to the account settings page, largely to condense settings that affect that same parts into the same page, like your profile.

There will be additional changes to it later, however I felt this was necessary before many more updates as it was getting pretty cluttered.

Please join our discord to leave any feedback or reply to this post.
nekoli @nekoli
18 January, 01:01
Hey all, you can now add your birthday to the site, this will mainly be used for restricting access to restricted access. This update will likely come out later this week or early next.

Set it here:
nekoli @nekoli
15 January, 03:15
Staff panel update finished zzzz
nekoli @nekoli
13 January, 01:42
Staff panel finished for the most part, some small changes I wish to make to the user side of things, but managing posts were my biggest concern.

When the update is pushed, if your post ends up being moderated for whatever reason, you'll see a notification as such, with a link to the community guidelines.

Repeated moderation action could result in additional measures being taken, however suspension would only be for extreme cases and typically never permanent unless you're abusing the platform.

Always free to message regarding an action taken if you disagree with and we'll re-review
nekoli @nekoli
02 January, 07:49
Hey all, You may now financially support the site via our Ko-fi, which can always be found in our footer. Perks will likely be coming in the future for those that decide to do so.

Please note however, just registering an account, interacting with others, posting yourself, and sharing it helps us tremendously. This new option is just extra for those that can do so, please don't feel like you need to. You're all amazing and I appreciate everyone.

With this change, our terms and privacy policy have been updated to include Ko-fi. Please read when you have the time.
nekoli @nekoli
02 January, 12:34
Hey all, I was wondering if you would be interested in financially supporting the site, essentially so I can go to focusing on it full time as the first goal.

I was thinking Patreon for monthly subscription, however if you have any recommendations, please let me know.

As always, please feel free to provide feedback.

(Poll is for if you think I should do so, not if you would)



nekoli @nekoli
31 December, 03:29
Small changes to the notification page:
- Added icons to each notification type
- Changed visibility of delete notification trash icon, always visible now.

Yes, adding context to the notification is planned and will be released very soon. c:
nekoli @nekoli
31 December, 12:28
Alright, part 1 of the NSFW tagging update has been completed.

You can now mark your post as safe, sensitive, or restricted. Sensitive meaning it likely wouldn't be something everyone wants to see, i.e., suggestive content. Restricted meaning things likely only users 18+ should see, i.e., sexual content.

Will go more in-depth on our community guidelines later regarding those.

Adjust your post sensitivity settings here:

Join our discord to provide bug reports or general feedback:

p.s. ur cute.
nekoli @nekoli
28 December, 10:43
Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know sending direct messages is currently disabled while a bug is patched that caused messages to be sent to the last conversation session loaded and potentially not who you meant to.

Just being transparent.
nekoli @nekoli
27 December, 07:36
Hey, sorry about the 5 minute downtime, was pushing a quick update to allow toggling whether your country/city shows on your profile or not.

Change it here: https://vtubers.me/settings/privacy
nekoli @nekoli
27 December, 02:48
Hey all, just added our press kit/brand assets to our About Us page, which you may find by clicking "vTubers.Me" on the footer of the right sidebar.


Thank you for making vTubers.Me's launch as successful as it is, I appreciate everyone of you. c:
vTubers.Me @vtubersdotme
25 December, 04:05
Hey creators, welcome to https://vTubers.me!
#LaunchParty 🐭🎙️