nekoli @nekoli
For some reason, Elon is considering removing comment/like/repost counts from being shown while scrolling. He is wanting you to have to click within the post in order to view these metrics (while still having the view count visible in both areas).

What is your opinion on this?
07 March, 04:10
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SΓ­ofra Kiyoshi @skiyoshi
21 March, 08:12
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It seems like an unnecessary extra step? No idea why he wants to do that. Since he's keeping the view count, what's the point of removing the retweets/likes count?

He makes the weirdest changes.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
11 March, 01:26
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Honestly you should not have to click on the repost to view the counts. In all due respect I kinda find that stupid and a little bit of a waste of time, I don't have Twitter/X but I know people that do and are annoyed about it.
GOMI VT @GomiGarbagePanda
11 March, 10:20
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I think anything and everything that man child comes up with is idiotic. I wish he never bought Twitter. πŸ˜‘
πŸŒ’ Selena Nocturus πŸŒ’πŸ¦Š.. @Selena_Nocturus
07 March, 11:12
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Sometimes I want to read the replies to something, be it a post or a reply to a post, and if I couldn't tell at a glance if something has replies or not, and have to click on it, only to find out there aren't any replies, that would honestly be wasted time, and frustrate me.
That's my take on it though.
nekoli @nekoli
09 March, 01:52
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bruh this is how they're actually thinking of implementing it 😭