Sora @SorafromVRCYT
13 June, 03:06
Man, I just love doing what I do for a sport but it's hurting my wrist. Can't wait for my first stream!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
09 June, 02:43
Honkai Star Rail for my first stream?



2 people voted
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
08 June, 05:54
I think this is my sister’s first time playing Final Fantasy 🤣
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
08 June, 03:44
So I’m doing a weekly challenge until the end of summer and that’s to draw my favorite things. In favor of this website/app I decided to draw one of my favorite VTubers that is on here! I’ve watched a few of Lord Vermire streams by now and to be completely honest they are fun to watch! Next week I should have up my favorite character from my favorite show, so be ready for that!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
03 June, 09:48
Heya, sorry I haven't been posting. It's summer break finally more time to work on videos but also to have fun with family! Git a full body design done for my OC along with the PNGTuber which I need to get rigged. In the mean time enjoy the design for my OC
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
28 May, 02:42
Finally went back on VRChat for the longest time of being off, had a lot of fun with the friends that I hung out with last night!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
25 May, 02:11
Good morning to everyone, Sora here. I'm looking for someone who can help me with my PNGTuber, if you know anyone that would be amazing! Thank you
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
24 May, 07:01
I gotta go talk with my school about getting a workers permit. Yayyyy talking, my favorite thing-
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
23 May, 03:11
Hey, new video going live soon! Just a speed paint that I did!
Speed Paint #1 - YouTube

Just a simple speed paint of one of my many oc's!~+Socials+~Insta:

Sora @SorafromVRCYT
21 May, 01:07
Got my OC design done! Next up, PNGtuber model needs to be made and I’ll be set!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
15 May, 02:47
Just a normal game of Uno between me and my sister
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
15 May, 02:35
Can summer break just be here already!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
06 May, 05:29
Ok third time I've posted today, my bad.
I just fucking love it when some asshole go either my iPad or my laptop and restarts my shit thinking "oh there's nothing important this person is doing" when I was working on a fucking commission that someone has been waiting half a year now and I just got started on it. Again I love those fucking people.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
06 May, 04:28
Well Weekly Doodle time!
I might be going slightly insane then I was before hand, I had a great start to the month otherwise I'm doing fine.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
06 May, 02:31
I know I said I wasn't going to post today, but my sister wanted me to draw her OC with the shit insane color palette she gave her OC, but here it is
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
03 May, 12:53
Sora here, I won't be posting anything today or Monday. I'll keep it brief. A friend of mine took his life last night and everyone doesn't know why. Who knows what will happen next, if you can understand why I'm choosing to do this, thank you! Hope you all have a good weekend
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
02 May, 02:26
So uh, NCJC was fun-
Now I'm just going to sit back in my bed and either die or rest for the whole month
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
30 April, 11:52
Well hi, new people-
(I was at 28)
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
29 April, 02:19
Someone please hit me in the head right now, I did not have my coffee and now I'm having art block >:,D
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
29 April, 12:47
ok shit is about to get deep here im not trying to cause any drama between anyone that i know thats the last thing i do say this read if you want to again not trying to cause any drama
Some bitch I use to be really good friends with is really starting to talk shit about me after I stopped being friends with her because she was faking a disorder and lying about rape, keep this in note this girl dated 17 people at once before. Now for me, I barely have a love life other then the guy I like, but this bitch really had to say I was talking about my sex life 24/7 when she came to me everyday hers.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
26 April, 02:35
More old art of mine. Man maybe I should bring my very old sketchbooks out and show my art from there. Eh, I'll do it when I'm ready
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
25 April, 01:29
Well, I was wanting to get started on Final Fantasy today, but someone has my game chip for it
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
24 April, 09:40
Human Uzi
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
24 April, 12:50
More of my old art
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
23 April, 06:30
Hey, if any of you guys are Murder Drones fans, free Uzi emote I made
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
23 April, 04:30
May as well show some of my art for all of you to see! I'll post a video on my channel soon explaining most of my OC's, but for now I drew Miley.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
22 April, 02:24
Ayyyy, Happy Birthday to my drawing buddy!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
19 April, 03:37
I think I'm gonna start calling Daily Doodle "Weekly Doodle" only because I don't doodle much and I don't want to push myself to do so much, but anyways here's this week's doodle
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
18 April, 06:24
She's done! Meet Yeva
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
18 April, 04:40
Welp, I don't give my hand a break