turnip @turnip4wut
10 December, 12:44
april 8th by neutral milk hotel but it's a goldbullet fan video - YouTube

@Goldbulletch part three. eventually i'll get through to someone without the use of twitter or reddit. i really had to dig to find a joke to put in this one:...

Red Vacant @RedVacant
09 December, 12:56
So I decided to get back on twitter, after I had someone, a friend, go on twitter to let me know what is going on. Everyone is still on there, even the anime girls, but it's more of a who you follow thing. I set it to private. But it's more of having my friends submit their video to me and I upload to represent them. I'll also try to convince Golden to come back. Along with Snowquarters since he used to have twitter. But not too many can go in there since the future of X is unknown.
#BackonTwitter #TwitterPrivate
Fascinado_dk @Fascinado
08 December, 10:33
Por que recordar es volver a vivir, en el directo de hoy, iniciamos con el primer, primerísimo juego que introdujo en el mundo de los videojuegos, sus comentarios y saludos animan a seguir, besos y abrazos.🌹🍷 #streamers #VTubers #VtuberES #gamer https://twitch.tv/fascinado_dk
Violet Lime @VioletLime
08 December, 07:57
Two things.
1. Japanese pro wrestling, mens and womens, are confirmed to be declining. The owner of Stardom Wrestling Rossy Ogawa, explains that the attendance has gotten lower.
2. Red Vacant now has a twitter account, and since I am a part of Red Vacant Comic Family, my preview videos will be uploaded there. I just have to submit the videos to him, and he will upload it. He will do the same with the other comic family members that he made models for since they were created by Red Vacant himself. Keep in mind, the account is private. And I was given permission to post this.
#Stardom #Twitter
Ronika @RonikaVT
08 December, 12:12
BTW I have a little cameo in @TheRMan s new video 😘
Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
07 December, 07:57
Lucciola Delphine @LucciolaDelphine
07 December, 06:19
hey everyone purse watch my new video and possibly sub. I'll be posting new stuff here soon
Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is the best Cozy game out there

Placid Plastic Duck Simulator is so much fun. Look it up on steam

Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
07 December, 12:37
New introduction post as the last one was very, outdated, so,
I'm Page D'Maj and I'm on twitch,
And on Vstream,
I also post on Youtube,
The R-Man @TheRMan
06 December, 11:00
After the course of this whole year, the final video my playthrough of the base #SonicFrontiers premiers now!

#ENVtuber #YouTube #vTuber #VTubers #TheRMan #MembersRF #VirtualLifeDE #TheBearsDen
IT'S THE END! (for now) - YouTube

The finale (pre Update 3) of the best main Sonic game in the last decade-----------------------------------------------This is from the stream "Sonic Frontie...

05 December, 03:52
360° VR: Explore Space With Insta360 - YouTube

This isn't the Tiny Planet effect, this is the real deal! Swipe around this breathtaking 360° VR footage to orbit the Earth with Insta360 X2 🛰️This year, In...

Lizardguy @Lizardguy
05 December, 01:23
I didn't realize that Invader Zim was on Amazon Prime Video. hang on, gotta relive my childhood.
turnip @turnip4wut
05 December, 05:48
i have become entrenched in the video making hole, so it looks like no streams for a while. i almost wanna reserve streams for when i'm playing video games just so i don’t clog my channel up with just drawing streams. i'll think about it. for now, i've only got two more videos in the armis series, and neither of them should take *too* too long even tho the last ones gonna be really BIG compared to the others. what can i say? only the best for my oshi.

Taina-chan @TainaChanVtuber
05 December, 02:24
have new video in my channel
i hope you enjoy ^^
#VtuberBR #vTuber #REALITY
eu estou de volta e eu tenho novidades [Vtuber Br - YouTube

eu estou feliz por estar de volta pessoal, e eu espero que vocês gostem das novidades que eu contei no video ^^eu espero que gostem ^^ https://www.facebook.c...

Cmaster25 @Cmaster25
04 December, 08:46
im doing interview videos again! give me your questions that i should ask tryst and you might see yourself in the video getting your question answered!

#ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising #VTubers #VtuberSupport #VtuberInterview #interview
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
04 December, 08:02

VIDEOGAMEPALOOZA- Squeak squeak! It's time to help more people at Sainte-et-Claire!


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