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Sora @SorafromVRCYT
05 April, 03:03
Sora here, I have commission prices up and ready! DM on here or DM on DIscord at facelessdrawer for more info. I'll make a sheet of it with my art style soon but for now, here are my prices.
Head Piece: $6.50
Bust Piece: $7.50
Half: $12.50
Full Piece: $18.50

Sora @SorafromVRCYT
17 April, 04:20
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
17 April, 03:02
Welp, body sheet time!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
16 April, 04:28
I made this piece maybe 3 months ago? Who knows. It was an old OC of mine before I wanted to jump start my channel again. Now with my channel it's going to be either my profile picture or another OC I made to be a VRChat avatar. I'll explain the lore of my OC's one day
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
16 April, 02:06
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
02 April, 04:20
Daily Doodle time! Yes I had to draw this moment
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
02 April, 02:12
Sora here. I finally got to working on my script for my next video! (I been avoiding/busy doing other things such as being on VRChat and moderating a server) Here's a sneak peek of the script.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
01 April, 02:37
Daily Doodle of the day! This doodle will be for a thumbnail for a video I plan on posting sometime in the next 2 weeks. Honestly, my 2nd hour was very eventful today
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
22 March, 03:17
An old drawing I did
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
21 March, 06:46
I really did just suck up and did Taylor Swift as my project.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
20 March, 07:25
Credits to my friend for the idea! She's a supporter of the pride community and she's loves cats. I asked her what type of cat she always wanted and she told me a black cat. I got to this last week and been meaning to post it. I'm making this into a sticker today and shipping it to her along with a few other goodies!
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
18 March, 12:43
Fanart of Iono from Pokemon S&V

Which gym leader should I draw next?
#art #Pokemon #PokemonViolet #pokemonscarlet #PokemonScarletViolet
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
15 March, 01:38
Ok, no hate to Taylor Swift, but you can not tell me that this does not look like it was made by AI.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
14 March, 03:16
An old drawing (Not that old) that I did for a slideshow
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
14 March, 01:26
Fanart of Vaggie that I did
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
11 March, 07:28
Today's Daily Doodle!
The full piece will be posted later in the Murder Drones VRC server if anyone is in it.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
08 March, 03:03
Daily Doodle of the day.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
06 March, 03:26
A little late, but happy birthday to my older sister!
Hope you had a wonderful birthday sis.
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
05 March, 07:26
My main OC design is done. What do you guys think?
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
05 March, 06:17
Question for you guys, do you find this OC simpable? My friend simps for her