DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
24 September, 03:00
Helluva Boss - Loo Loo Land (My Clean Version Music) - YouTube

Taka tam wyraźniejsza wersja tej piosenki.Jak zwykle trochę kombinacji,itd.Słychać na pewno czyściej niż na oryginale.Tempo: 121 BMPMiłego odsłuchu.Pozdrówki.

Choco Ichigo @chocoichigo
21 September, 01:23
Yuuki was very excited to meet one of her favorite authors 💙

Happy 76th birthday to Stephen King!
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
17 September, 03:04
Inugami Korone x Marine Houshou x Gawr Gura - Bau,Bau Games!!! (My Original Mix) - YouTube

#InugamiKorone #MarineHoushou #GawrGura #MyNewMusicProject #MyOriginalMix #BauBauGames

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
14 September, 07:07
Soon I will try to make a new, original mix: "Inugami Korone - Bau!!! Bau!!!". Tempo 76 BMP and the sound of the playing style. Wait patiently.

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
10 September, 04:36
Strong Wind All Back Kanata Amane (My Cut-Up 2023)
Strong Wind All Back Kanata Amane (My Cut-Up 2023) - YouTube

#NewProjectMusic #Cut-Up2023

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
08 September, 05:02
Inugami Korone - Doggy Gods Street (Little Dance Memes) - YouTube

#InugamiKorone #DoggyGodsStreet #MyOryginalMusic #MyOryginalProject #MemesShorts

Moonliightartist @Moonliightartist
31 August, 07:00
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
30 August, 04:37
I Can-t Fix You (Cut-Up) - YouTube

Dziś mały projekt Cut-Upu.Troszkę to potrwało.Miłego odsłuchu. :)

Skittles_Witch @Skittles_Witch
26 August, 11:32
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
27 August, 04:01
ID Energetic Strong Jumpscare (My Oryginal Mix 2023) - YouTube

Przedstawiam Wam mój kolejny,lekko szalony Projekt Muzyczny.Tempo: 128 BMP

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
27 August, 04:00
Usada Pekora - Peko Rap (My Experimental REMIX 2023) - YouTube

Kombinacja,kolejny experymentalny remiks.Tempo: 110 BMPJak wyszło Waszym zdaniem?

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
24 August, 05:05
Today was a great day.I was on a trip in Zielona Góra with my Mother.We visited a few shops and the entire "Focus" Gallery.We went to KFC and Italian ice cream.This trip was great.

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
20 August, 07:40
Well, tomorrow it's back to work.I want to stay home.Tomorrow is Monday.But it's not good,time to go back.

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
15 August, 08:32
I have a question for you my friends... Although I don't belong to the Vtubers Community,etc.What Group of Virtual Personalities would you classify me in?This shortcoming has been puzzling me for quite a long time.Tell me honestly,I won't be angry with any of you.Have a nice day.I love you all.

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
10 August, 07:02
Inugami Korone - Doggy Gods Street (My Style Original Remix 2023 )
Inugami Korone - Doggy Gods Street (My Style Original Remix 2023 ) - YouTube

I kolejny Remix za mną.Troszkę łupnąłem układem Sampli,ale efekt jest całkiem,całkiem.A,co Wy o Nim sądzicie?Zapraszam do odsłuchui do jego oceny.Pozdrawiam.

Anime Gianna🍭 | 2d/3.. @VTGiann
09 August, 02:31
Hey peeps! 🎉

Brace yourselves because a brand new versions of Vtuber models is on its way! Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of virtual excitement and captivating content. Stay tuned for updates and get ready to join the #Vtuberuprising!

Chuya Haga @Chuyahaga
09 August, 06:54
Thanks for everyone coming to the stream! I had to end it early as I had to do something sorry 😅
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
06 August, 08:58
I'm finally done."Afton Family (My Eksperimental REMIX)''. Full version finished. Have a good night.

Afton Family (My Experimental REMIX 2023) - YouTube

Taki tam mój nowy Remikswykonany w moim stylu.Tempo : 107 BMP#Remix #MyStyle #FNAF2023

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
01 August, 07:00
My short music snippet, 12 seconds to be exact, has already reached 373 views and 5 likes so far on my YouTube channel. I'm happy with this little success. Thank you for appreciating my amateur scribbles.

maccchia | 🌖 | ENVtu.. @Maccchia
01 August, 04:27
Hello everyone! Nice to be in a place where I can meet new people! I look forward to meeting new people! 🤩
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
31 July, 09:41
Today I present to you my new OC,which was made by the greatest person on Twitter. A great Artist,my best friend and the beginning leader of the AkuDolls Team. Thank you My.Beautiful Artwork.
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
30 July, 02:27
'' Hei Boo Hentai ''
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
27 July, 10:21
Today at work I was even lucky. I found two beers during a little cleaning on Wale: Reds and Heineken. It surprised me a bit. Have a nice day.

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
24 July, 06:21
Important Information!!!

From August 7th,however,I'm going on vacation.Then I won't be on VTubers.Me.
I will mainly write and finish the Poems Book and start working on a book entitled "The World of Virtual Personalities".

DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
21 July, 05:59
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
20 July, 05:21
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
20 July, 03:49
Legendary and popular composition of ladies.What do you think about the Idols from the Peaky-P Key?I personally like their performances.

🇯🇵 💪🔥🥰
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
20 July, 10:52
Now I'm sitting, resting....I eat Blueberries.They are heavenly.
DJ 4D4M (Music Water.. @dj4d4m
10 July, 02:53
Well...Finally a moment for me after a crazy day.I sit,relax and drink my favorite soy-vanilla drink.I like this taste.

VenenoRaccoon @VenenoRaccoon
02 July, 08:47
🎩Wisdom, resourcefulness, and play. Masters of making the most of what we have. We survive extreme weather, even when food supplies are limited. Raccoons are all about adapting to fit the situation at hand. Never stop fighting and love yourselves peeps.
#Vtuberupising #Raccoon #vTuber #vtubermodelpreview