Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
22 May, 02:18
Look who can morf into a cute lil' plushie :D
Ronika @RonikaVT
04 June, 03:46
ShiroAzraelYuki @ShiroAzraelYuki
03 June, 04:08
Hmm, iΒ΄m still asking myself. . .in 2 months or so would be my first anniversary, but since october i didnΒ΄t started a stream again because of technical problems and my mental health. . .so i still donΒ΄t know if i should celebrate it or not
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
04 June, 09:08
Soon I will start writing my book entitled "The World of Virtual Personalities".I have a question.Who else of you would like to be described there?If you are interested,please comment with your applications.I will contact each of you personally privately. Have a nice Sunday my friends.

zetyi @zetyi
26 May, 08:49
FanArt para @EmiDoku
EmiDokuπŸ§ͺ✨ @EmiDoku
01 June, 10:37
We start the debut in a few hoursπŸ’š
Empezamos el debut en unas horasπŸ’š

#VTubers #vTuber #Vtuberuprising #VtubersEN #VtuberES
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
03 June, 04:27
ShiroAzraelYuki @ShiroAzraelYuki
03 June, 08:40
Good morning my little Snowflakes, i wish you a wonderful day and a awesome Weekend ^ ^ Luv u πŸ’œ
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
03 June, 01:35
Today,small corrections from the previous order.Removing the earth and grass from the composter.Done. It was a lot of fun.
Happy Saturday dudes.

Riksha @Riksha
01 June, 09:30
Otros: Como fue tu primer directo de VTuber?

Yo: ... Bastante normal y entretenido 🀣

#vTuber #furryvtuber #furry #furrycommunity #VtuberES
🌺 ~Leilani~ (Beluga).. @Leilani_Chiisayaaa
06 May, 04:21
// Hey how do you like my new swimsuit? :3 Am I a pretty beluga whale girl? >-< #vTuber
(This picture is AI generated by a friend of mine. I did some extra corrections)
🌺 ~Leilani~ (Beluga).. @Leilani_Chiisayaaa
23 May, 01:16
//Hey hey my bubbles~ Lets chill at the beach! 🌴🌊🌺
(This Pic is AI generated and I edit it)
🌺 ~Leilani~ (Beluga).. @Leilani_Chiisayaaa
23 May, 03:14
I haven't drawn for a long time. Just editing AI generated Pictures.
I want to draw Leilani in her mermaid form properly bc AI doesn't always draw pics like you want.
She would have a mermaid tail like a beluga whale caudal fin. No scales and white, no pectoral fins or better said side fins :3 just like the bottom body of a beluga whale... yeah a real beluga whale mermaid πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜Œ I need to draw it ;-; but guess I'm gonna start with a traditional sketch on paper :3

and yeah she would wear a white shell bikini top πŸ™ˆπŸ€πŸ‘€πŸš bc otherwise her boobs would be blank ':3 urghs
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
01 June, 07:11
The Arctic Beluga is a species of marine mammal (narwhal family),found mainly in waters
arctic and subarctic(50 degrees north latitude in the south).
They are most often seen:
near Long Island (New York in the USA)
and Seine (France).

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
01 June, 06:46
Kinder Bueno Mini.They are very good.When you look at their packaging,they resemble the same Polish Flag.Can you see it too?I recommend it.
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
30 May, 07:16
Today was quite a busy and good day for me. Today I was also on a certain order.I helped unload the goods from the container and put them in the designated places. Not only did I earn PLN 220,but I also got a mini game console,which was fashionable in the 60s. photo.

🌺 ~Leilani~ (Beluga).. @Leilani_Chiisayaaa
29 May, 02:42
Some traditional drawing! That was how Leilani was supposed to look like in her mermaid-like apperance at first! I will do a second version of it how she is now supposed to look like.
#VTuberArt #traditionalart
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
29 May, 12:49
My New Cook Special:

"Tagliatelle pasta in ketchup-sweet-sour-soy sauce with ham and chicken breast ham".

#NewCookSpecial #CulinaryProject #YumYum

Oka @OkaVT
29 May, 01:05
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
18 May, 06:44
My test today new Mower
"STIGA" was successful.
It was successful mowing attempt.

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
14 May, 08:30
Good morning. Have a nice and peaceful Sunday. Be safe and healthy always.

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
06 May, 08:20
Happy Saturday Dears.

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
03 May, 07:41
Spaghetti Bolognese
with Spinach Pasta.

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
01 May, 04:47
I love German Duplo Bars.
They are super delicious.

28 April, 07:12
Sadly, someone is portraying one of the songs we've brought out for our talent Kaiya Bell as their own and made claims on YouTube and other streaming platforms. The song in question is "Gettin' Jiggy", from the album "Rain Check". We are in contact with the (music) streaming platforms and hope to resolve this soon. If you are affected by this, we hereby allow you to counterclaim. We license you the use of the song "Gettin' Jiggy" by Kaiya Bell on platforms like YouTube, Twitch and TikTok for personal and commercial use, royalty free as per our guidelines:
DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
27 April, 07:25
Here are 3 versions...Number one original.Two and three reworked in Imagine App.Cyberpunk and Anime.What do you think?

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
27 April, 11:25
Exquisite Serdelki
with Tasty Ketchup
and fresh and aromatic
Slices of City Bread.
It was delicious.

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
25 April, 12:43
Today for dinner... "Egg Pasta with ham and egg". It was fine. πŸ™‚πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜…πŸ’ͺ
Ronika @RonikaVT
23 April, 05:55
【RTGS】Hey [ENVTuber] - YouTube

Roman wrote the title again-----------------------------------------------Donations:

DJ 4D4M @dj4d4m
23 April, 04:44
Original Ai Hoshino and Anime version. Have a nice Sunday. I love you all.