nekoli @nekoli
vTubers.Me supports vTubers and creators of all diversity, which yes does include trans creators. At the time of making the original post on the vTubers.Me account, I was wanting to show that we support all creators and will take action against those that choose to harass or discriminate any creator. People have brought up arguments saying because I did not mention trans creators directly that I am transphobic, which is far from the case. I was really trying to fit what I could into one post and I admitted in a follow-up the quality of it suffered because of it.
04:49 AM - 03 Apr, 2023
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Chiru Kobra 🐍 #YearO.. @ChiruKobra
03 April, 12:58
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Hi, me again. I'm the one who brought this up on this site in particular, so if anyone needs a lightning rod, pick me.

I wanted to clear up the air and make sure I was comfortable staying here. Needless to say, Nekoli has done just that.

Nekoli, I'm truly sorry of the undue stress this may have brought on you. I don't know how long you've been trying to deal with this on top of running the site.
nekoli @nekoli
03 April, 03:49
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I will take the blame for my original post in February, as I’ve said it really should have gone into more detail.

It is no one’s fault for being concerned or bringing an issue up. I can see why they were and I’m happy to be able to go into detail explain.

What’s not okay are some people twisting certain situations, straight up lying on several accounts, and trying to attach to anything they could to believe I was the bad person.

Despite me staying calm and respectful towards them throughout all this, I was not afforded the same.
JayTeeCry0 the Gacha.. @JTCryo8485
03 April, 10:43
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Hello sir, it's me again. As a Pan-Demisexual Vtuber and VA,I don't know who started this claim but I believe you. I finally found a place that I can be myself, I was truly unhappy til I came here, and just know that if society tries to bring you down, know that you have an ally in me. Try not to let them get and focus on your health and trying to make this site awesome. Sorry, I usually don't get involved in conflict but just know that I got your back.😌
Mistress Briley 💋😈🔞 @MistressBriley
03 April, 05:10
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Playing into IDPOL here...

As a Trans Vtuber:

I did find the phrasing of the message to be a bit suspect but I had gotten the honest impression that you were making an attempt to appeal to as broad an audience as possible. Given that there is a lot of misinformation regarding the funny wizard game and harassment, such a message was understandable to me.

This statement of yours helps put my mind at ease that reactionary sentiments are NOT intended from you~
nekoli @nekoli
03 April, 04:49
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People argue "Why didn't you make a thread, twtlonger, etc?" Because most people only view the first post, I know posts with links have less visibility, and I wanted the post to be the same across all platforms, so the quality of the post suffered. I wanted all creators to feel safe and welcomed to our platform.
nekoli @nekoli
03 April, 04:50
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Now, regarding the gender options, the web version was released with "Male", "Female", "They", and "Other", because I was still unsure how I wanted to handle it. There was also a bug in the first release of the mobile version that caused only the male and female options to be chooseable/displayed (which did not change what you inputted on the web). Based on user feedback, from both before and after the site launch, I've decided that the best option would be simply a pronouns text-field.