🎮Codename: YZ🔞🇲🇽 VSt.. @YuseiZero
04 June, 09:03
Que onda chicos!!, estoy que no me la creo, normalmente cuando veo algún producto como Shampoo relacionado a #anime no lo veo con la calidad para ser algo coleccionable... pero esta vez me encontré un Shampoo de #DBZ con diseño metálico y en una caja especial que claramente te marca que es una Edición Limitada, he indagando mas a fondo, y al volver a casa, descubrí que son mas valiosos de lo que creí Dx, ya que se fabricaron 20k piezas por cada personaje (de un total de 9). Debí comprar mas venderlas a futuro o bien para regalar alguna en stream, a ver si regreso por mas pero se ve difícil Dx
🌺 ~Leilani~ (Beluga).. @Leilani_Chiisayaaa
04 June, 10:14
I have sunburn. It goes over my cheeks and the ridge of my nose xD I'm looking like a blushing anime girl.
otaku binary オタクバイナリ @otakubinary
04 June, 09:31
Buenos días
Good morning
#VtuberES #vtuberen #Vtuberuprising #anime
Violet Lime @VioletLime
03 June, 11:58
Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream has left twitter after explaining that the platform has become dangerous.
I believe it after twitter attacked an upcoming anime show called My Tiny Senpai. Who else would be willing to leave the platform that is very dangerous since Musk took over?
#TwitterDanger #anime #IceCream
Violet Lime @VioletLime
03 June, 10:58
Anime cons may be dead.
As coming from a die hard anime fan on facebook, he revealed that Anime Milwaukee will now be charging those who want an autograph and a photo. Turning the event like a comic con. As you know, Anime cons have been on a decline since comic cons came. Which has caused some anime cons to close down for good. So if comic cons are the best to go to, is this possibly the end of anime cons? My guess, yes. I believe anime cons will be no more.
#Animecondying #Animecons #anime #comiccon
otaku binary オタクバイナリ @otakubinary
03 June, 05:01
Cada episodio que pasa de Tengoku Daimakyou menos entiendo.... Aunque me está encantando UwU
uhm tendré que reverlo cuando finalice el anime del tirón o me leo el manga🤔

#anime #tengokudaimakyou #HeavenlyDelusion
MechaRaptorOmega @MechaRaptorOmega
01 June, 10:25
Anime Mechs once again, Partnering with Reinhard to see about getting to rank #1 (Super Mecha Champions) #vTuber #ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising

Mecha, Online

otaku binary オタクバイナリ @otakubinary
31 May, 08:21
Fallen Magnum @FallenMagnum
31 May, 07:00
I of course feel bad for all the v-tubers getting scammed out of 10000's dollars of there money from subathon fans but did you really need to spend it on an expensive anime video? your already popular ladies more so then i will ever be its wrong you got scammed but be smarter with your money your fans give you please
☕Cadashi Togami 🦇 @Cadashi
31 May, 02:16
🩸 He Just Wants A Bloody Good Time... 🩸 // Vtuber plays Scarlet Hollow // #vtuberen #scarlethollow - YouTube

Welcome my fedlings! To Scarlet Hollow! Here's the details about this AMAZING game!"Coal mines sealed off after a deadly collapse. Strange creatures preying ...

Violet Lime @VioletLime
30 May, 10:55
A new social network for anime fans, manga fans, and vtubers are currently in the works. From what I learned, this new social network is called Animecafe.io It is not released yet, but from what me, my senpai, and my friend/creator has seen, this site is almost identical to Instagram. Only, you can join a community, and be able to talk to other people like skype. When released, hopefully, there will be those that want to join the platform out of curiosity. #AnimeCafeio #AnimeMangaVtuberSocial #NewSocialNetwork #InstagramAnime
otaku binary オタクバイナリ @otakubinary
29 May, 10:24
Estoy viendo bocchi de rock y me está encantando
I'm watching Bocchi The Rock and i love it

#ENVtuber #ESVtuber #otakubinary #BocchiTheRock #anime
MonochromeJoker @MonochromeJoker
29 May, 05:05
The new application for next talkshow is now available. (Sunday 4th of June)
The topic this time is: Manga VS Anime
Everyone is welcome.


#WeebsTalkAbout #ENVtuber #anime #Manga #podcast
Ritcher Code @Ritcher_Code
29 May, 01:47
Hoy en Mangas que necesitan una nueva adaptación al anime:

Jigoku Sensei Nube
otaku binary オタクバイナリ @otakubinary
29 May, 11:02
Buenas Tardes
Good afternoon
#VtuberES #vtuberen #anime

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