Alex @Alexwhoisgay
Good morning, chat! Hope life's treating ya'll as well as it's treating me. Woke up at some random time last night and then went downstairs and watched hazbin hotel tik toks until i couldnt stay awake :3 my sleep haz-bin worse (hehe- you know...cause- has been- hazbin hotel-? im gonna stop now) lately, and i assume its just cause of the stress and drama thats going on in my life right now.

Also! I need some more cute/wholesome animes and manga to start, so let me know a few down below! ^^

Daily post as always, and i hope yall have a wonderful day
02 April, 12:49
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Alex @Alexwhoisgay
02 April, 12:53
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also mom if you get notifications on your phone when someone likes and replys to my posts, just disable notifications for on your phone ._.