nekoli @nekoli
Anddd, we're back, this time on a fresh drive. Sorry it took a while. We had to spend time figuring out what went wrong and ensure all data was safe.

Backups are taken of course, but only want to use them if necessary.

If you would like to assist the platform in being less reliant on a single point of failure, you can upgrade your account to Vmium or support our ko-fi here:

Thank you for using vTubers.Me. c:
15 May, 02:11 (E)
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Coal G. Levaux @MrLevaux
18 May, 07:22
Replying to nekoli's Post
My only comment so far is that I hate full page ads. They are highly invasive in my opinion.
nekoli @nekoli
31 May, 02:17
Replying to Coal G. Levaux's Post
This shouldn't be occurring, can you show a screenshot please?
Valory Luna @valoryluna
17 May, 05:59
Replying to nekoli's Post
Thanks! I wanted to bring up something I noticed: My account doesn't allow me to add my TikTok link because my @ has a "." in it. @valory.luna is my link. Would this be fixed soon?
Effie / EffiGeni 🔞 @effigeni
15 May, 10:31
Replying to nekoli's Post
That was surprising. And i tried to see on other place to know if it was normal, but there were no news left behind...

But glad that you're back !