Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
08 July, 07:06
Finyally going back to Final Fantasy XIV again!
And I fixed my HUD!! Now let's check out the graphical update~
#vTuber #FFXIV
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
07 July, 06:03
The charity event is finally coming to an end, unfortunately... But we're going off with a bang!
The scuffiest voice acting improv you'll ever see~!
#Charity #CharityStream #voiceacting #improv
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
03 July, 05:03
The charity is still going, so join Notaek and I as we play some Phasmophobia while fundraising for Gamers Outreach! #VTuberSummerSlam2024 #VSS24 #CharityStream
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
02 July, 05:04
We're extending the charity event a little, so expect a few extra streams! Like right nyaow~
Phasmo time!! #VTuberSummerSlam #CharityStream #Phasmophobia
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
30 June, 02:02
It is already the final day of the event?! Or is it?!
Anyway! It is time for the Mario Kart Tournament~
Joooooiiiiiinnnn uuuusssss~
#VTuberSummerSlam #VTUBERSS2024 #CharityStream
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
29 June, 02:42
VTuber Summer Slam is almost over?!
We still got quite a bit left on the goal, but we'll do our best to get it!! Starting off with playing Content Warning~
#CharityStream #VTUBERSS2024 #VTuberSummerSlam
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
28 June, 04:12
VTuber Summer Slam Day 3 is fi-nya-lly here~

We got spoopy games, Fall Guys and Palia on today's games list~
Join us, nya! #VTUBERSS2024 #VTuberSummerSlam2024
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
27 June, 04:13
VTuber Summer Slam Day 2 is here!
We're starting of with some Gartic Phone, before moving on to Overcooked and then Pico Park~
There might even be some Monster Hunting at the end...
Join us, nya! #VTUBERSS2024 #VTuberSummerSlam
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
26 June, 06:31
We're a little late, but what is a VTuber stream without a bit of scuff?

Anyway! VTuber Summer Slam has started, let's gooooooo! #CharityStream #VTUBERSS2024
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
17 June, 04:45
It's time for this new sprout to go on an adventure in Eorzea! Join me in my journey, starting in Limsa Lominsa!
#FFXIV #vTuber
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
07 June, 03:17
Werewolf Party releases in less than an hour! Come hype it up with us~
#WerewolfParty #vtubercollab
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
30 May, 07:05
GIVEAWAY TIME! Join me as I play Werewolf Party with my buddies for the chance to win one of 3 Steam keys for the game! #giveawaytime #freesteamkeys #StreamingNow
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
25 May, 02:12
Nyahallo everynyan!
BadgerEMP is having an early birthday stream, so please go and wish him a happy birthday/help share his stream~!
#vTuber #Birthday
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
19 May, 04:28
I forgot to post that my birthday party stream is nyaow live! Join usssss~ Nyahahaha!
#vTuber #Vtuberuprising #birthdayparty #StreamingNow
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
03 May, 05:10

Mic is broken, so we're gonnya have to play charades I guess? Wish me luck! At least we got full body tracking thanks to XR Animator~
#vTuber #xranimator #ScuffStreamIsLoading
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
11 April, 04:57
I got the snackies, I got the drinkies, I got the surprises~
Nyaow ready for my VTuber Nyanniversary!!
Come celebrate with me~!
#vTuber #Vtuberuprising #subathon
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
07 April, 02:44
It is time for some more ELDEN RAGE with crowd control~ Come join me, nyahaha~!
#EldenRing #CrowdControl #vTuber
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
03 April, 04:52
It is time for...
3 Idiots in a lethal company!
Join us! And get ear wiggles today~
#VTubers #collab #lethal_company
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
31 March, 07:37
Happy Bun-Bun day everynyan!
I hope you got all the chocolate eggs you wanted~

To go with the theme I'll be streaming some Elden Ring, since that is as close as it gets for me... Nyahahaha~
Crowd Control is turned on and I'm ready to go~
Support me or try to stop me on Twitch~

#vTuber #EldenRing #CrowdControl
nekoli @nekoli
27 February, 11:51
Hey everyone,

Apologies for the recent downtime. The machine that was hosting vTubers.Me ended up just crashing and it took the host till now to get the drives swapped over to a new machine. Everything should be operating fine now though.

Please let me know if you notice any issues.
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
24 March, 07:19
I completely lost track of time while animating, but I'll be streaming Splatoon 3 in a few minutes so feel free to come in and say hello~
#vTuber #ENVtuber #Splatoon3 #Splatfest
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
21 March, 06:41
Gonnya play some Splatoon 3, haven't started the DLC Story Mode yet~ Hop in and chill with us!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #Splatoon3 #splatoon3sideorder
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
18 March, 09:12
Gonnya play some Honkai Star Rail~
Should I pull for Sparkle?
#vTuber #honkaistarrail
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
03 March, 06:18
I'm finyally going back to playing Persona 3 Reload again! LET'S GOOOO~!

#vTuber #VStreamer #Vtuberuprising #Persona3Reload
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
15 February, 06:45
Gonnya play some more Persona 3 Reload because I can't wait any longer~
I also got some projects for helping fellow VTubers cooking~ #vTuber #ENVtuber #vnyan #Persona3Reload
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
14 February, 07:04
I swear I'll kick Cocolia's butt before the end of this stream! NYAH! #vTuber #Penacony #honkaistarrail #StarRail
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
11 February, 09:23
It is boss time! First boss in Persona 3 Reload, come join me~ #vTuber #ENVtubers #Persona3Reload
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
11 February, 03:27
Heeeeyyy, forgot to post earlier that I'm going live!
Join me in Purrrsonya 3 Reload~
#Persona3Reload #vTuber #StreamingNow
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
10 February, 03:12
I finyally got Persona 3 Reload~!
And that means it's time for more Purrsonya~
Come, join me in Tartarus my kittens~
#vTuber #VStreamer #Persona3Reload
Nao Nyan なおにゃん🐾 @naonyan
08 February, 06:28
Nyahallo everynyan~

Guess what company didn't learn from the previous times they sponsored me~?

That's right, Hoyoverse!

I even got 2 unique codes this time, so hop on in and join me as I play Honkai Star Rail for the first time! #DiveIntoDreams #honkaistarrail #HSRCarnaval