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nekoli @nekoli
15 May, 02:11
Anddd, we're back, this time on a fresh drive. Sorry it took a while. We had to spend time figuring out what went wrong and ensure all data was safe.

Backups are taken of course, but only want to use them if necessary.

If you would like to assist the platform in being less reliant on a single point of failure, you can upgrade your account to Vmium or support our ko-fi here:

Thank you for using vTubers.Me. c:
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
11 July, 02:45
Nikara_Lynin and I not only got a base established, but we have a portal that we can use to teleport metal! Thank you all for joining in tonight and all the follows! Spirits Bless! #vTuber#ENVtuber#Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
10 July, 11:56
Join me and Nikara_Lynin as we try to find this metal we need to upgrade our stations to the next level! Will we make it through the Ashlands? Or will we burn under skeletal foot! Valheim is Live! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
03 July, 11:57
Join me and NikaraLynin as we enter the Ashlands once again! Time to enter the Helldivers of the viking world once more! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
01 July, 11:00
Here is my schedule for the week! See you soon!

Wed: Valheim with Nikara_Lynin

Thurs: Dino D-Day with kestayrt

Fri: Monster Hunter World

Sat: Deep Rock Galactic with MechaRaptor84 AgentsCarnage and Wildwolf89001

Sun: Dead By Daylight with @RykoiGarou and milk_minx
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
20 June, 03:31
We made it to the Ashlands, and that place is beyond insane! Almost felt like playing helldivers with all the waves of enemies! But thank you guys for joining in! I need an ice pack after all that fire damage lol #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
20 June, 12:11
We get to finally return to Valheim with @Nikara_Lynin! We managed to clear Mistlands before I went on vacation, but NOW! Now it's time to make our way into THE ASHLANDS! Come Join Us! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
30 May, 04:28
We Beat the Queen! And Now are Headed for the Ashlands! Thank you guys for joining in! Shoutouts to @PLayer3keala, @MechaRaptorOmega and JurassicHero for the raids! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
29 May, 11:56
Time to go adventuring again as we try and find these last few shards to fight the Queen! Nikara_Lynin and I have a goal to make it into the Ashlands! Lets Go! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
16 May, 04:49
2/3rd's the way to being able to fight the queen! Nikara_Lynin boosting up my magic capabilities helped out a ton! Thank you guys for joining in! Shoutouts to 3keala and WolfQueenAni for the raids! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
15 May, 11:57
So apparently the Ashlands update came out, we gotta play catchup once again for our gameplay and kill this bug queen! Join Nikara_Lynin and I as we try and get what we need to fight queeny! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
09 May, 03:16
Two nest raided, but no glyphs and a dead comrade?! Gonna need to try harder to get the sealbreaker apparently. Thank you guys for joining! Shououts to BenTheunlucky13 and MechaRaptor84 for the raids! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
08 May, 11:56
We got the gear, We got the Location, Now to just get the stuff to fight the Queen! Join me and Niakra_Lynin in fighting more bugs! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
02 May, 03:08
An Enjoyable night with @Nikara_Lynin! We found the Queens Lair, Got my Wizard Build set up, and now we are unlocking more upgrades for the fight to come! Thank you all for joining in as well! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
01 May, 11:55
We return to the world of Vikings and soon to be Wizards, Valheim with @Nikara_Lynin! The main focus is to keep preparing ourselves to try and fight the queen, if not scout out the queens lair! Let's Do This! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
29 April, 11:59
Hey guys, not feeling to good so gonna take tonight off, but look forward to...

Valheim for sure with Nikara_Lynin Wed.
Content Warning with BigmommaJacob and friends Fri.
Path of Titans with kestayrt Sat.
and Dead by Daylight with Validity_XP on Sun.!

Spirits Bless!
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
25 April, 04:12
We are unlocking a lot of cool magic based weapons now! nikara_Lynin and I are getting ready to face the queen quicker than expected! Thank you for joining us tonight! Shoutout to @Gibbhartin, our newest moderator for the raid! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
24 April, 11:56
And now we return to our regularly scheduled gaming. Tonight we join Nikara_Lynin once more with Valheim today as we explore more of the Mistlands and surely discuss the new Ashlands that are on the horizon! Plus another special announcement as well! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
11 April, 03:05
And with that Nikara_Lynin and I have found the Queens Lair! We will have to do much more preparation to fight her though! Thank you milk_minx for the raid as well too! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
04 April, 04:08
Major Progress after entering the Bug Nest! Magic Power now is within our grasp, we just need to finish a roof lol. Thank you Nikara_Lynin for a great time and welcome home! Spirits Bless to AReiMD for the bits as well! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
03 April, 11:56
We welcome back Nikara_Lyinin from her vacation tonight as we continue to wage war against the dwarves! Peace was never an option when it comes to the practice of magic! Join Us! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
21 March, 03:16
Successfully made it to the Mistlands and started declaring war on the Dwarves! Nikara_Lynin and I need them for our own magic lol. Thank you guys for joining in as well! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
20 March, 11:55
Join me and Nikara_Lynin tonight for some more Valheim! We will be rebuilding and may take a chance to look into the Mistlands as well! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
18 March, 10:55
Taking tonight off for a bit of R&R. After a 5 day stream streak I need a small break. Hope to catch you guys on Wednesday though for more Valheim with @NIkara_Lynin! Spirits Bless!
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
14 March, 03:47
We Beat The Lich Demon Yagluf! Thank you guys for joining in Nikara_Lynin and I in some epic fights! Shoutout to @MechaRaptorOmega for the raid as well! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
13 March, 11:55
Niakra_Lynin and I have upgraded the base, but what about ourselves?! Let's see what upgrades we can give ourselves with the time we have available to us! Low Live! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
07 March, 04:53
Higher Tier Crafting Benches, Improved Cooking Stations, and even a Thor Stick! Nikara_Lynin also got some boar too! Now we can begin maxing out our gear for the true battle ahead! Thank you guys for popping in and saying hi as well! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
29 February, 04:16
We got giant mounts and some materials needed to level up some equipment! But Nikara_Lynin and I need more Iron, so we will be searching for more swamp to pillage! Shoutout to milk_minx and MechaRaptor84 for the raids! Spirits Bless my friends! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
29 February, 12:52
Returning back to Valheim tonight with our good friend @Nikara_Lynin! We begin the arc of grabbing upgrades to fight the Plains Biome Boss! Join Us for chill chatting and Deathsquitos! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
08 February, 04:24
The time fighting Goblins and going on adventures was glorious with @Nikara_Lynin! We finished the house and are ready to prepare for fighting the Plains Biome Boss! Shoutouts to @MechaRaptorOmega and 3keala for the raids! Spirits Bless! #vTuber #entuber #Valheim
ShamanicWolf @ShamanicWolf
08 February, 12:55
We return to Valheim with our good friend Nikara_Lynin and we may even set out to fill our second tame pen! But first things first, we got the last of our roof to finish! Come join us! #vTuber #ENVtuber #NowPlaying

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