Charlos_vt @charlos_vtuber
05 February, 08:35
Recently I made amazing animation for my clients #vTuber #ENVtuber #vtuberen #VTuberAssets #Twitch
nekoli @nekoli
11 January, 11:38
Fixed an issue causing posts to not automatically load after reaching the bottom of your feed, this should also fix the issue on mobile, please let me know if you notice any issues/have feedback. c:
nekoli @nekoli
09 January, 03:02
Android or iOS? I'm not noticing it right now, could you try doing a complete uninstall and reinstall of it? When do you see it happen?
nekoli @nekoli
03 January, 09:53
Which do you prefer? Static tabs or tabs that are in the header and follow you down the page?
nekoli @nekoli
03 January, 07:06
Recommended/following navbar released, this will remember your setting, unlike some sites, and drop you back on the same tab you left off. This nav bar follows as you scroll down the page.

Feed preferences now has a toggle for the Low quality posts, which was built into recommended, this is on by default.

Let us know if you have any suggestions/feedback.
LuckyLemon8 VTuber @LuckyLemon8
05 January, 07:40
Finished Panels commission for Rory_emroy!

I had a lot of fun drawing these!!
nekoli @nekoli
27 December, 08:34
I'm starting to test different implementations of Google Ads. If you see it popup in a way you don't like it or believe it could be much better, please let me know.

Also, Vmium ($5.99/mo), our Premium account implementation is now live. Right now it has the ability to hide all ads and add a cool little diamond badge to your name. I have plans for adding more ways to customize your profile through Vmium and more, however it will not end up being something you HAVE to get to succeed and vTubers.Me will always be free to use (for realz).

As always, feedback is appreciated, you lead the development of this platform.
nekoli @nekoli
02 January, 02:19
Hey all, hope you had a happy new years, what are your plans for this one? Hope it goes the best it can for all of you!
nekoli @nekoli
29 December, 07:38
Would you guys like separate tabs on the homefeed for recommended and following?



27 people voted
nekoli @nekoli
20 December, 02:42
hello vTubers.Me 0.2
nekoli @nekoli
20 December, 06:28
Big note for vTubers.Me 0.2 before I get out the changelog: enabling the recommendation feed will allow recommended posts to be included in your normal timeline and hide what could be considered "undesired" posts for most people, i.e. "just went live" default posts are hidden.
nekoli @nekoli
21 December, 03:56
So... how are you all liking the update? Any feedback? Wishing something was included?
nekoli @nekoli
23 December, 08:50
Fixed signups not working for some users, increased polls to 7 options, and made social link images consistent and viewable on all themes
nekoli @nekoli
25 December, 11:01
Emails notifications/etc have been re-enabled after improvements. Please let me know if you have any issues with receiving them.
nekoli @nekoli
19 December, 02:50
Replying to nekoli's Post
these logos will need cleaned up so they match the layout better tho
nekoli @nekoli
19 December, 02:49
been working on things all day and I can say for sure it'll be out tomorrow. would be today but I sacrificed sleep so I could sneak some more cool stuff in, like social links :3.
nekoli @nekoli
01 December, 11:47
Web push notifications will be coming in the next update btw. :3
nekoli @nekoli
04 December, 08:08
Sorry the update wasn't ready last week, was still applying some last final touches to it. It will definitely be ready before the weekend this week and will be including a lot of long awaited features/improvements.
nekoli @nekoli
12 December, 04:59
Another update, currently waiting on legal/payment related stuff. I'm sorry the update isn't out yet. :c
nekoli @nekoli
16 December, 10:02
improved upload indicator peak btw
Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
18 December, 02:46
Replying to nekoli's Post
Looking forward to that sorting options, just the other day I clicked on explored and an avalanche of "this person is live" appeared on my feed. Should be set to default honestly.
nekoli @nekoli
18 December, 02:18
Showing off more of design changes/etc. I've been working all night to try and get release ready for hopefully tonight (cst) or early morning tomorrow.

Please let me know if you're hoping for something to be in this release, will try to make sure I'm not missing it or get it soon after.
Akantia @Akantia
28 November, 09:43
Replying to Cyan Phoenix's Post
Lol it's fine, it was just something I thought about when I really started thinking about vtubing properly :3
Lume ✦ 心臓ルメ @LumeShinzou
28 November, 07:54
Replying to Cyan Phoenix's Post
Thamk for your words!!
I was genuinely scared of even posting this due to fear of the haters finding me here but seriously, thamk!!
ElPInshiBetin @ElPinshiBetin
27 November, 08:33
ElPinshiBetin, just went live on twitch with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Check them out at
Eva Nox @EvaNox
27 November, 08:57
It turns out I have a cold. This kinda sucks because idk how long it'll take to recover, being immuno suppressed means I don't have the immune system others have which means idk if this will be one day, one week, or one month. I was hoping to be able to do a ton of things this coming month but many of those things will be put on a halt so I don't get overwhelmed after I get over this.
⚔ Rider Uji 🌌 @RiderUji
27 November, 09:35
First stream in approximately 1 day, 23 hours and 23 mins. Hopefully, all things will go according to plan
❄️ Eviria ❄️// Half .. @Eviria
27 November, 09:38

Thank you to the Snowdrops who were able to stop by!! We went ahead and leveled up some units in Darkest Dungeon!! We also went ahead and raided Mokaruix at the end!! Feel free to check them out!! :3 💙❄️🤍
Lume ✦ 心臓ルメ @LumeShinzou
27 November, 10:05
Lorea_Ch, just went live on twitch with Just Chatting. Check them out at
Sabrina🦄ScissorsRunn.. @ScissorsRunner
27 November, 10:31

Come and get your dates!