Cyan Phoenix @CyanPhoenix
16 January, 10:31
Folks! I think I finally figured it out! I'm really starting to understand what I've been doing wrong this whole time! They still point up, even if it doesn't seem like much if at all.
nekoli @nekoli
18 December, 02:18
Showing off more of design changes/etc. I've been working all night to try and get release ready for hopefully tonight (cst) or early morning tomorrow.

Please let me know if you're hoping for something to be in this release, will try to make sure I'm not missing it or get it soon after.
Cyan Phoenix @CyanPhoenix
01 December, 04:10
Kind of miss being in a car ngl.
R0g3rW4bb17 @r0g3rw4bb17
20 October, 10:24
How I feel a day after getting the covid vaccine.

#funny #joke #meme
Cyan Phoenix @CyanPhoenix
21 October, 02:08
Context is only a concept