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nekoli @nekoli
15 May, 02:11
Anddd, we're back, this time on a fresh drive. Sorry it took a while. We had to spend time figuring out what went wrong and ensure all data was safe.

Backups are taken of course, but only want to use them if necessary.

If you would like to assist the platform in being less reliant on a single point of failure, you can upgrade your account to Vmium or support our ko-fi here:

Thank you for using vTubers.Me. c:
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
21 June, 03:22
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
17 June, 11:42
I ordered many large squape stickies from TristamsTrinketShop, and they gave me so many freebies. 🥺

#kikiirl #spoonie #vTuber #snailmail #happymail #stickers #stationery #FinalFantasyXIV #FFXIV #finalfantasy14 #ff14 #squapes #moogles
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
09 April, 12:02
Good morning, Sora here. I been busy editing videos and doing other things in life, but hopefully I can get my Etsy up soon! If I can't get it up, it's fine as I can wait until I can. With it being said, Daily Doodles are on a pause as I'm focusing more and more on make stickers and other things for my business.
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
07 April, 08:40
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
07 April, 08:00
Sora @SorafromVRCYT
04 April, 06:38
Anyone want make to sport pride stickers? I thought about the idea because of the whole Pride Tape ban with Hockey, and thought I should stickers like that
Lord_Vermire @Lord_Vermire
19 March, 08:15
Good afternoon! A friendly reminder that one of the best ways to support me is though my merch! I would love if you check out my ko-fi shop/etsy and considered getting some of my merch!!! I love to see the charms, stickers, and daki's go to a good home qwq

#vTuber #Vtubermerch
Choco Ichigo @chocoichigo
05 February, 12:23
Candy Heart Collection is here! including my first ever vtuber merch! stickers, pins, and magnets! all on my shop! https://choco-ichigo-shop.four...
11 January, 08:23
🌈 Get the Exclusive V-Tuber Sticker Bundle featuring Whimsicool, CatersHime, & Kaiya Bell! Limited stock, so grab yours now and show off your V-Tuber spirit! 🎉 #VTubeMerch #VTubers #StickerCollection

Shop here:
11 January, 08:22
🌟 Kaiya Bell's Sticker Mega Bundle is out now! Packed with her unique emotes & designs, it's a must-have for all fans! 🌟 #KaiyaBell #VTuberArt #StickerLove

Get yours here:
LuckyLemon8 VTuber @LuckyLemon8
01 January, 05:44
Since its 2024 I want to share my goals with you 💛

- open up a sticker shop / sell stickers at a convention
- do a charity stream on Twitch
- open up live 2d c0mms
- reach 50 c0mms completed on Vgen
-post more on all my socials!

I look forward to 2024!
rad @radlegowaffle
12 December, 02:55
glow in the dark star stickers are still really cool

orion twins' socials:

#OrionDraw #vTuber #VTuberArt
CheckyNyanChan @CheckyNyanChan
04 December, 10:59
Choco Ichigo @chocoichigo
29 October, 11:48
Monster Mash Up stickers avaliable now!
Lord_Vermire @Lord_Vermire
25 October, 06:26
Wana get your own Vermire Merch!? You can!
I sell two different charms, and stickers of your favorite characters in the Vermire-verse! With more coming soon! I mail them all myself and stock is limited! If you're interested look below! 👇
#vTuber #Vtubermerch #Vtuberuprising
relaxedgamer93 @relaxedgamer93
04 October, 09:44
Ladies and gentlemen I am opening up orders for shirts jackets hats coffee mugs stickers etc if you have a design in mind or a saying or poem message me I'll put it on a shirt or any listed above and more and if you have the design saying or poem included in the message
ChronicallyKiki @ChronicallyKiki
30 August, 10:15
Melody Wisp (English.. @melodywisp
21 August, 08:50
going live to play Detective Pikachu for the first time! (from 5PM to 8 PM EDT)

ive only watched the movie adaptation, and I don't even remember the plot to it, so this'll be exciting :3 I love the Pokemon spin-off games.

join me for some voice acting fun!

ps: I have fixed my redeems, so you can all now throw animals and stickers at me!

#vTuber #ENVtuber #vtuberen #Twitch #twitchstreamer #Vtuberuprising #MelodyWisp #VStreamer #twitchaffiliate #visualnovel #DetectivePikachu #voiceacting
CheckyNyanChan @CheckyNyanChan
08 August, 10:03
I've had a day, so let's make some stickers with #StickyBusiness! Grab some snacks and come keep me company!
#ENVtubers #VTubers #Vtuberuprising #Charity #makeasplash #beachepisode #CharityStream #twitchstreamer #Twitch
CheckyNyanChan @CheckyNyanChan
31 July, 10:00
Let's make some stickers with #StickyBusiness! I'm so excited to play this game!
Watch here:
#ENVtubers #VTubers #Vtuberuprising #Charity #makeasplash #beachepisode #CharityStream #twitchstreamer #Twitch
Rayne🌙🦊 @Raynexxox
22 July, 02:41
drawing honkai-inspired stickers for friends
Neo-G [Essent] @neo_g_essent
13 July, 04:09
Finally was able to do a bandwidth test and it says today's stream should be fairly smooth. Let's hope it'll be enough for my to do those P3 stickers with ease!
Alyss and Dusty🏳️‍⚧️.. @Alyssanddusty
05 June, 12:49
Mentioned it on stream, but the slime adoption collection (stickers, magnets, and pins) is now up! not every slime is available that's been adopted, but here you are! #Digitalart #slimeadoption
Lonely @LonelyTreeHeart
26 May, 09:04
Emotes / Discord Stickers

#vTuber #VArtist #emotes
Lee - Mushroom VTube.. @LilliarnaAU
16 May, 09:12
lemme just put some #art here pay no attention to the #Maid or #catgirl or #vampire for that matter

I'm just trying out a different #style that is nice and #cute to use as discord #stickers

#vTuber #digital #fantasy #elf #Vtuberuprising #aussie
Fubie Ne 🫧 PRE-DEBUT.. @FubieNe
05 May, 09:09
As you guys know from our Discord server, we have a jellyfish named Alex who prints stickers~ we came with the idea of printing some Fubie stickers and sell them on Ko-Fi!

Let us know if this is a good idea in this survey, it's anonymous!
Efaclaire | Sea Drag.. @Efaclaire
03 April, 01:36
I've been working on some emotes for when I debut! ^^
These are based on my most used whatsapp stickers lol
Try to guess which is which!

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