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Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
19 February, 10:07
So I have a question for you all!

I've been thinking about starting a VTuber group! Not so much an agency, just a small group, built around expanding the talents circle, helping to set up collab partners, and give those who want to be under a named group a place to call home!

It would be consisting of a variety of faces, from PNG to 2D and 3D models, of many different aesthetics and talents! My question is, how would interested in joining that sort of group, and what potential criteria would you think should be put into place?
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
14 March, 01:34
Almost forgot to post here, but I've officially made the group! It's called the Hopeful Deviants, a place for Vtubers and Vtuber-related jobs such as artists, modelers, riggers, ect to come and meet new people! Set up collabs, find new artists, get your model made, whatever you need! If you're interested, just DM me or let me know so I can send the Application sheet for you to fill out, then we can see about possibly getting you in!
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
07 March, 09:02
Pokemon Infinite Fusion has many disturbing let's celebrate them and drink together!
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
22 February, 09:21
I got my editing program put on my PC finally, so I can get back to making vids! I actually cut a duel I had on Master Duel the other day for a video, go check out Dommy Mommies clapping Branded's ass!
Amazoness CLEARS Branded - YouTube

Branded may be a meta deck, but they hold no power against the MUSCLE MOTHERS...even when their pilot is bad at the game_____________________________________...

nekoli @nekoli
27 January, 10:29
Hey all, just looking for feedback on what features/suggestions you'll like focused on next for the site/mobile?
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
10 January, 11:56
Hello Vtubers, how's the new year going for everyone?
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
04 January, 04:13
New year baby, so lets kick it off doing what we do best: playing a children's card game! Come join me as we play some HORRID decks!

#ENVtuber #vTuber #PNGtuber #yugioh
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
02 October, 10:36
I wanted to share this post I made talking about the Dark Scorpion archetype in my Yu-Gi-Oh DnD campaign, because I love stroking my creative ego and showing off what my brain juices came up with.
Ringtail🦝💜 @Ringtail
11 September, 10:24

This is going to be FUN!

From Baldur's Gate 3, to Pokemon DLC, to MORTAL KOMBAT!! And finishing up with Smash!

And catch me on Tuesday on ParadigmShift's Fortnite stream! ;D

#vTuber #ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
08 September, 05:34

I'll be going live, and tonight we'll be playing some Pixelmon over on the PokehaanCraft 2 server! If you'd like to see whats happening there, OR you might even want to join, swing on by!

#vTuber #VtubersUprising
Safi Sphaera | Risin.. @SafiScores
07 September, 11:38
Hello, would you like some art?

I like to draw sparkly anime style!! I hope you enjoy 💖

#VArtist #art #ffxivart #FFXIV #freelancer #ArtistForHire #vgen
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
05 September, 05:50

We doing some things on the new Pokehaan server, so if you wanna see what's happening and even join on into it, then swing on by!

#PokehaanCraft2 #vTuber #minecraft
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
04 September, 09:41
Hey everyone, as you know I've been really excited to start up this Pixelmon server for you all to play on. However, I have had some...unexpected bills come up that is forcing me be unable to pay for the server.

If anyone could, I would appreciate any help! I have roughly 2 days before the server gets terminated, so any bit of money will help! For those who do, I will do my best to make it up to you!
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
03 September, 11:50
Do you wanna play Pixelmon?

Better yet, do you want to play...with other streamers?

I started up a #PokehaanCraft2 server and I want to invite all of you to join in! If you're interested, shoot me a DM and I can give the IP!

#vTuber #minecraft
Alyss and Dusty🏳️‍⚧️.. @Alyssanddusty
25 April, 06:16
to my fellow members of the #trans community. you're always welcome in my community. yall are my family. I'm officially your crazy aunt. now let's get a snack and either play a retro game or watch a movie.
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
27 August, 04:28
Tonight, we're gonna try and see how we can make Pokemon TCG moves work in the actual mainline games!

#vTuber #vTuber #PokemonTCG #Pokemon
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
25 August, 08:31

It is late.

We playing Duel Links :D
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
23 August, 11:24
Who's ready for some Yu-Gi-Oh Duel LInks? I am, and thats what we're doing LIVE!

#vtuberen #vTuber #YugiohDuelLinks
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
23 August, 10:40
So, a little exciting announcement, if you've been around for many of my older Yu-Gi-Oh DUEL LINKS streams, you might remember when I did the "Character Drop Only" run. You also might be aware that I lost the info for which account it was apart of because I'm dumb as a bag of bricks- but I have managed to start a new account, using my main Steam account, where we can restart that type of account! So, later today, get ready for a brand new beginning for that account!
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
23 August, 10:20
I do love supporting other VTubers! If you have any fellow VTubers I should support, drop their links, I want to support more!

#ENVtuber #VtubersUprising
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
18 August, 07:35
BlueStacks was acting funky and my obs crashed, went ahead and restarted my PC to see if it helps fix anything! Will be back soon enough.
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
18 August, 06:31
Hey, I've never really played #FateGrandOrder but I decided that today, we will begin our journey! So if you wanna come clown on me for misplaying, swing on by!
#vTuber #VtuberUprsing #TwitchStreamers #GoingLive
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
16 August, 09:32
HEY! Do you wanna see some Borderlands gameplay? Well, I'm joining some lovely people over at with some Borderlands 2! So swing by if you wanna see it!

#vTuber #Borderlands2 #Vtuberuprising
Nanoda @nanoda
16 August, 07:56
Oh god she's back. [Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel], even.
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
15 August, 07:13
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
15 August, 07:12
Sometimes, I'm in the mood to read some
RYsing Legend @RYsingLegendVT
01 July, 06:24
#vTuber #vtuberen #Vtuberuprising
#event #RYsingLive
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
19 May, 01:38
Stoked for the session later tonight! Make sure to swing by at 5:00 PM PST!
Mellow The Fairy @MellowTheFairy
17 May, 04:03
Not sure why it won't update my profile when I tried to add it, but I am an 18+ account! Minors, please do not interact!
Pyper @PickledPyper
25 April, 07:31
I will fist fight your enemies~ 💪💥👊
Tooruwu @Tooruwu
09 May, 12:44
I was just wondering, I was thinking about doing an AMA for my bday stream tomorrow and I've never done an AMA or seen anyone do an AMA. Is there anything specific I need to know about it or anything? I'm not quite sure and it's probably just my brain overthinking things. Just thought I'd ask! 😊
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