Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
21 March, 06:47
If you go to re-follow someone that you're already following here, there's a prompt of "are you sure" and

I went to follow someone i didn't realize i was already following and DIDN'T UNFOLLOW THEM YAY
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
24 September, 06:14
I finished some new art recently! I hope you enjoy it- I used this opportunity to learn a lot!
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
21 September, 03:00
Today Part 1!! We're building a new village? Or did we have one--
It's Foundation!
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
18 September, 12:43
This week's streaming schedule and goals!! Let's work together to meet them 💖

We're going to do our first double-stream day! Wish me luck, and I hope you can make it! Nighttime will be a social FFXIV setting, mostly drawing though!

#VStreamer #ENVtubers
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
15 September, 04:59
Stream day!! We're gonna do some art first, and then have some fun!
Choco Ichigo @chocoichigo
13 September, 07:32
Alright nerds
Show me your hecking art
Let's do an art share
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
11 September, 03:02
Schedule for this week! Also new Pinocchio on YT, I forgot to mark it down-
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
10 September, 06:02
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
10 September, 02:01
Suddenly I'm splatting! There may be kitten-Boomy and Roomi running around in the bg, but that's okay. We all play!
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
10 September, 01:16
For all future reference: I am friendly, but I never know what to say. :'3 Introversion makes life hard, as does having braincells for only like 5 things-
Choco Ichigo @chocoichigo
08 September, 09:54

The bestest, funniest, cutiest, little boop boop around!!!
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
08 September, 04:00
I'm live with a variety day!! We may have an art "break" but I think we're gonna mostly have some fun. I've been working steadier off stream ^^;
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
07 September, 11:38
Hello, would you like some art?

I like to draw sparkly anime style!! I hope you enjoy 💖

#VArtist #art #ffxivart #FFXIV #freelancer #ArtistForHire #vgen
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
07 September, 01:39
Eep! Things are in a slightly different order around here. Gotta be careful about muscle memory-

I forgot to say here and only did so in my discord- I wasn't feeling well today and missed streaming. But I rested, I ate a fantastic dinner and-- Don't stream tomorrow so I guess I'll work! o3o;;;

It's a kitty vet day, so I want to be available for comfort following. Baby getting more vaccines! A good thing, as he's very, very bite-y.
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
04 September, 07:52
I stream fairly regularly, but now only on #VStream! I've listed my goals for the week as well.

I guess I'll need a slot now too- o3o;

#ENVtuber #vTuberSchedule #StreamSchedule
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
04 September, 07:46
My name is Safi (rhymes with coffee) and I accept commercial commissions on VGen! I love doing illustrations, but I also do custom emotes, including animated ones!
Safi Sphaera @SafiScores
04 September, 07:43
I'm always very nervous when I join a new place-- Hello new place!
I'm enjoying the familiarity yet newness-