nekoli @nekoli
It has been reported by Dexerto on Twitter/X that Elon is (apparently again) considering to charging everyone for access to use Twitter/X.

You know what platform that is open to vTubers, creators, and their fans, while remaining free to use?

09:11 PM - 18 Sep, 2023
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KizuoTanaka @KizuoDragon
21 September, 11:34
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didn't it proven false, because it was in an interview and it was talking about blue, if you reread you can see a not everyone left
nekoli @nekoli
22 September, 02:57
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That was discovered before I posted this, but I believe it was also said that he was thinking about this before, which was unrelated to the interview.
nekoli @nekoli
18 September, 09:11
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