Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
08 April, 02:27
Happy Bunny Day! I have lots of different Easter sets for vtubers / pngtubers and more! Please show me if you use them πŸ’™+ πŸ” Shares are extremely appreciated!

You can get my Main set here!
#VTuberAssets #StarlightAssets #Vtuber素材
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
03 April, 10:19
Finally got to watch Puss in Boots: The Last Wish the other night! ✨

...Was anybody going to tell me just how much the Dark Forest mirrors my Sacred one, complete with pocket dimensions, dark outer borders, and a center of rainbow crystals?πŸ˜‚
(not even counting the prismatic Wishing Star!⭐️)
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
02 April, 05:16
Are you excited for the upcoming Mario Movie?! I made FREE vtuber assets you can use when playing Mario on stream too! (and check out the Easter set in my shop as well since Easter is coming up!)
(please show/tag me if you use them, it's fun to see!)
Mario assets here!! :
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
31 March, 04:50
April Fools' is coming so dress yourself a little goofy for the occasion with these April Fools' vtuber assets! A lighthearted and fun way to celebrate c:
Get them here! >>
(The fish are a French version-poisson d'avril!)
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
31 March, 03:42
Maybe I should try reviving this place a bit? I've got SO many more vtuber assets released since I've last posted! Have you seen my Ko-Fi shop yet? There's some fandom-based freebies too!
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
01 January, 12:24
I know VMe is brand new to us all and we haven't had much time to get acquainted yet, but these are my main goals for 2023; also Happy New Year!! πŸ’™

✨- Learn to bring my illustration to life
πŸ’ - Draw myself more to push my brand and identity
🌈- Focus on the experience of art and magical storytelling, starting with my website

And in video form with some review of last year, if you're interested in learning what I do as an art fox~
Onward to 2023! ✨ This Fox has Plans and Magic! ✨ - YouTube

I think I didn't even communicate enough in this video to show just *how* excited I am for the New Year! I'm looking forward to finding a way to create amazi...

Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
31 December, 08:27
Wanted to make something to give you all in celebration of the upcoming year! πŸŽ†
Celebrate New Years with these fun and festive party hats~ Get them free for 2023 HERE!
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
29 December, 05:03
The benchtuber made me realize I'm probably the first furry vtuber to be on the platform, so that's a pretty cool title X'D
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
28 December, 06:22
Over the past month I made a HUGE Vtuber Asset Advent Calendar for everyone, and every asset item you see in this picture can be used for streams and social media posts - tag me if you use any of them, and follow for future art and assets!

You can get them here, FREE for just 3 more days! β„οΈβœ¨

#StarlightAssets #VTuberAssets #VtuberChristmas #ENVtuber #VtubersUprising
Starlight Akari β˜… Vt.. @Starlight
27 December, 11:46
Hello there! Hopefully this can be a good intro post?
My name is Starlight and I am a celestial fox who's main focus is creating art for other vtubers!

I am an illustrator, character designer, asset artist, and on-stream art educator! My main themes are stars, crystals, rainbows, prisms, ice, and the aurora! (And yes, I have both an anthro and demihuman form)

It's lovely to meet you all! ^-^ πŸ’™βœ¨