VeeRig @VeeRig
06 May, 01:47
You only have 2 days to order your next piece of V-Tuber gear with 10% off! Use code "HELLOVEERIG" for 10% off on your entire order!
VeeRig @VeeRig
30 April, 07:05
Just 16 more hours! Oh we are getting so close!
VeeRig @VeeRig
16 April, 12:33
Mark your calendars for May 1st! VeeRig is about to make your V-Tubing gear shopping easier and more affordable. #VtubersEN #ENVtubers #VTubers #Vtuberuprising
Page D\'Maj @Page_DMaj
02 August, 12:09
Replying to AVRMV's Post
The sheer amount of competition where just making the content is never good enough and you have to go out and kind of be annoying to have people even give you the time of day.
But like the great thing is, when someone DOES pay attention and they DO like what you're doing, it feels me with great joy.
Akantia @Akantia
01 August, 11:33
Replying to AVRMV's Post
Some of these vtuber friend group form and then they sometimes just close off to the rest of the community. Sticking only to each other and coming off as unfriendly or cold to those outside the group.

The amazing thing is getting to know others who are just hanging out with their chat and having a good time. I'll forever be grateful to a friend for directing me to a now mutual friends channel for a raid. As the mutual is a really sweet woman who adores her friends and is always truthful with what's going on in her life and how it affects what she does 💜
CatersHime @CatersHime
30 June, 03:48
Tornadoes left and right these past 2 weeks but eh I got more Miiyunah art!🥰🎨
CatersHime @CatersHime
12 June, 11:45
Blanket emotes are coming along nicely! Comms are still open!
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
09 June, 12:47
:3 Still driving like I never left Alberta, Canada...
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
09 June, 11:14
Hey guys!! I'm having a DONOTHON!

Starting 🗓️ June 23rd


Working towards upgrading my PC as well as helping out fellow AVRMV members upgrade thier PCs!

Hope to see you guys there!
CatersHime @CatersHime
04 June, 04:51
All the love for my new model 😭💜
CatersHime @CatersHime
05 June, 02:26
Me towards the end of my subathon 🤣 IM FREE!!!
CatersHime @CatersHime
31 May, 01:32
Reached 500 Followers Goal 🥳💜

🎨 by @KaiyaBell
CatersHime @CatersHime
31 May, 07:20
These past few days of streaming have been amazing!! But it's also been pretty rough as well, getting bad news at the beginning has been draining.
CatersHime @CatersHime
28 May, 04:24
3 goals down!! Let's see what today brings🥰 Day 2 starting at 12 pm MDT/8pm CEST
CatersHime @CatersHime
27 May, 04:08
It's Here!! Nobody Panic(too late) We Got This!!
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
14 April, 05:59
btw I'm live right now if you wanna come chat?
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
03 April, 10:11
Being a typical #vTuber with a really fucked up sleep schedule
Matticker @Matticker
01 April, 09:09
Replying to AVRMV's Post
Hoho interesting i will be keepin my eye on you XD
Matticker @Matticker
02 April, 11:00
Replying to AVRMV's Post
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
01 April, 11:04
Replying to Kaiya Bell's Post
Here's a link to the clip:
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
01 April, 11:03
Chat got hit with some serious inflation today ( *︾▽︾)
🏳️‍⚧️🛠️Ember🔞GeminiV.. @GeminiVT
01 April, 08:05
Replying to AVRMV's Post
As a 3D VTuber, this is exciting. It is nice to see 3D getting more attention.
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
01 April, 01:33
i pranked my discord server by adding a notification icon in the server image... and people are angy

all it took was adding a little notification in the server image... ( *︾▽︾)
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
01 April, 12:09
should i actually open up commissions one day? D; I don't know where to start with that
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
31 March, 11:30
Thanks to everyone who came by my stream today, I had so much fun playing Mario Odyssey again..

We raided RosetteBloodthornVT who is doing her redebut RIGHT NOW! So go check her out
Alyss and Dusty🏳️‍⚧️.. @Alyssanddusty
31 March, 08:10
Replying to AVRMV's Post
With that kind of attitude, y'all are gonna have a large reach in no time. Here's to lots of growth for ya!
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
31 March, 07:32
Replying to AVRMV's Post
oh nice! wishing you guys luck and might take a peek at this
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
31 March, 03:48
Hi, I'm Kaiya and I have anxiety (;′⌒`)
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
31 March, 03:55
I do art sometimes (o゜▽゜)o☆
Kaiya Bell @KaiyaBell
31 March, 04:17

I draw in a very messy way, but it's fun! Meep meep.