Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
03 April, 04:56
Another game I'm debating on getting and I wanna know if it's worth it, as I'm thinking of doing weekly simulation/chill games is cooking simulator? Also I'd love suggestions!
#gamesuggestions #vtuberen
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
03 April, 04:55
good morning everyone! don't forget we are doing some power washer Sim tonight!!
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
03 April, 02:42
oh I forgot if you wanna meet other cool people get notified when I'm live, have a spot to promote your own stuff so I can fangiro over it, I have a discord just remember it's 18+ just like rest of my account. nothing nsfw In it just for our own comfort!
#Discord #vTuber
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
02 April, 04:58
something I will be more open about and the trans awareness interview really helped me realize I shouldn't like hide it. I have a chronic illness of fibromyalgia, it's why some days I have to cancel stream, or why I'm typically low energy.
would you guys be adverse to me putting this in my bio? #vTuber #ChronicIllness
Calyx Snowbloom @CalyxSnow
02 April, 03:21
My Gentlefolk! Here's my schedule for the coming week! Since I'm finishing up Elden Ring on Monday, I'm going to finally play some Dragon Age: Inquisition as a break away from the Souls-like genre. Don't worry! I'll get back to Souls soon xD #vTuber #ENVtuber #schedule
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
02 April, 07:00
schedule for this week! #vtuberen #StreamSchedule
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
02 April, 01:56
Time for more Elden Ring!! Come join us!
#vTuber #Twitch #EldenRing #transgender
Calyx Snowbloom @CalyxSnow
01 April, 11:55
Taking a break from Elden Ring to be VIKINGS! #vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
01 April, 05:37
completely forgot to add this to my morning post, tonight at 9pm central time I will be playing more Elden Ring with my sister!
Calyx Snowbloom @CalyxSnow
01 April, 05:13
Finally taking a bit of a break from Elden Ring for one evening, and going into Valheim with my sis @LinariaSnow ! We're at the point of starting the trek to the Mistlands!

Hope to see you there at 8pm est!

#vTuber #ENVtuber #Valheim
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
01 April, 05:31
Good morning everyone! hope you all are doing amazing this Saturday
Newt Mechanist @NewtMechanist
31 March, 08:28
Hey! Let's actually use this!

I'm Newt Mechanist, and I'm the prototype of the amazing new Nyanotype product line from Catbot Corporation.
As it happens, I've also been put in charge of the now entirely automated Catbot Corporation Nyanotype factory per the entirely willing request of the head researcher who subsequently retired and went entirely off the grid without telling his family! Everything is fine!

I stream games along with my cats napping. I can be found on YouTube, Twitch, and TikTok with streams on YouTube and Twitch.
Calyx Snowbloom @CalyxSnow
31 March, 11:55
Night's Cavalry, Death Birds, Maybe a New Build and Godfrey? #vTuber #ENVtuber #EldenRing
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
31 March, 07:35
Sharing this art here as well this is such an amazing art of my odel and I love it much, made by melaugo mohiki on twitter
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
31 March, 06:26
Also let me introduce myself here as well! I am Aokiral, a prototype cybernetic soldier!
I am here to learn more about humanity and other races, i was told streaming and chatting is a great way to do this!
I am also a transgender streamer, I go by she/they!
I try to stream RPGs mainly but I'll honestly play anything!!
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
31 March, 06:09
I posted it on twitter but, tonight I'll be over on
for trans awareness weekend!!
Aokiralvt @Aokiralvt
31 March, 05:36
Hello everyone! I just found this site!! How is everyone