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CatersHime @CatersHime
30 June, 04:22
Time to start WORKING
CatersHime @CatersHime
11 July, 10:29
Ya'll we are halfway there already for the new model?!?!?! I can't thank you all enough for your support!

Thank you for all the follows and raids, I will see you all Saturday for the next streamπŸ’œ
CatersHime @CatersHime
08 July, 06:28
I'm late but here's our week!! We are finishing the vacay and getting right back to it!
CatersHime @CatersHime
30 June, 06:21
This is a short week cuz I have to people with 200 FAMILY MEMBERS.........send halp
CatersHime @CatersHime
23 June, 05:56
New Mic and more streaming days!! Let's get this week going!
CatersHime @CatersHime
20 June, 02:07
Latest chibi comm for this Adorable snek!!! Thank you so much for the comm you Sweet Bean!!
CatersHime @CatersHime
16 June, 09:21
Our schedule for this upcoming week!! I may or may not play some palworld in between.
CatersHime @CatersHime
12 June, 11:54
Latest comm finished and sent out!! Thor thank you for the comm and all the understanding!!! πŸ’œπŸ’™
CatersHime @CatersHime
11 June, 01:45
I was just told I'm like this My Little Pony character cuz of my hair and I can't unsee it..........halp

stream got me in denial
CatersHime @CatersHime
09 June, 04:42
A short week to get us started back into things!
CatersHime @CatersHime
05 June, 03:42
Next batch of emotes for the day DONE!! The last one is my all time favoriteπŸ’œ
CatersHime @CatersHime
04 June, 01:06
More emotes done and added!! We trucking along!
CatersHime @CatersHime
30 May, 06:55
Ya'll get yourself some Cherry art!! You won't be disappointed by the quality of work EVER!!!

Thank You so much for the little chibi!! πŸ’œπŸ€Ž
CatersHime @CatersHime
29 May, 03:21
Got a png ready! Now I just need to crank out 22 emotes and we'll be good to go!!

May the art gods bless me with the zoomiesπŸ™πŸŽ¨
CatersHime @CatersHime
27 May, 03:48
Today I'm not getting older but simply leveling up!!
CatersHime @CatersHime
26 May, 04:10
Been working hard on getting my emotes all swapped, but it's taking a while. Here's what we have as of today!

Thank you all for being patient with me during this timeπŸ’œβ€οΈ
CatersHime @CatersHime
24 May, 07:45
Sketchy Bust-up Comm for Vindrash!!
CatersHime @CatersHime
23 May, 02:50
Working on a list of Ded Emotes today!!
CatersHime @CatersHime
22 May, 10:51
Started a redesign!! Look forward to all the new emotes and art!
CatersHime @CatersHime
16 May, 07:04
CatersHime @CatersHime
07 May, 11:40
And the countdown BEGINS!! Let's start getting ready for this subathon!
VeeRig @VeeRig
16 April, 12:33
Mark your calendars for May 1st! VeeRig is about to make your V-Tubing gear shopping easier and more affordable. #VtubersEN #ENVtubers #VTubers #Vtuberuprising
CatersHime @CatersHime
08 April, 04:18
So usually comms would help me keep on top of bills but I'm falling behind now.
The only comms I'm really capable of doing are emotes and maybe the chibi, so if you can please give the vgen a look!!
CatersHime @CatersHime
07 February, 06:39
πŸ‘€ WE DID IT AND HIT 600!!! πŸ‘€
Did I think of a goal.....mayhaps not but I do know the next goal is 666 and I will have chat drop recommendations in the discord.

Thank You for all the support and loves!! πŸ’‹πŸ’œ
03 February, 03:23
πŸš€ Excited to unveil #NyanArchives! A podcast where gaming meets VTubing and streaming. 🌟 Hosted by @KaiyaBell & @Catershime of @AVRMV.

🎧 First episode drops Feb 5, 2024, at 11 AM CET (5 AM EST/2 AM PST) on YouTube and Spotify. Don't miss it!

πŸ“Ί YT:
🎡 Spotify:
CatersHime @CatersHime
04 February, 10:22
Here's hoping nothing pops up this week and we can start our streams with no issues!! There will be a more laid back approach while the wrist heals.
CatersHime @CatersHime
03 February, 02:15
It was a joke until It Wasn't A JokeπŸ‘€!! So buckle up and join us for a cozy yet oh so scuffed time of chatting!

Welcome to our podcast, Nyan Archives with KaiyaBell and me as your hosts πŸ’™πŸ’œKeep an eye out for the first episode and more!
CatersHime @CatersHime
03 February, 01:18
Am So Close To 600!!! πŸ’œ
02 January, 12:22
We recently opened our public discord server! An absolute safe place where you can chat with v-tuber fans and v-tubers, get support or even recommendations and great opportunities to lay the base foundations for collabs! Everyone is free to join!
11 January, 08:23
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CatersHime @CatersHime
09 January, 12:44
Valentine's Day is getting closer so here is a smol little comms option for the season!! πŸ’œπŸ’‹
You can find the Holiday option in my VGen 🎨