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yo im RED_117 a part time music producer and gamer. the games i play areKrunker,DinoGen,BulletForce,world of tanks blitz,carx drifting,call of duty mobile and normal call of duty,red dead,GTA,HALO,RAINBOW SIX ETC. im a LEO and im very forward and not really good at holding my opinions back so i can be rude sometimes.Also im very bad with girls like probly the worst at talkin to em. im also the owner of a record label called CRITICAL_SOUND and their lead. ALSO IM TAKEN BY ALEX / future WIFE!True motorcycle geek I mean if your gonna buy me something plz let it be a sports bike | https://soundation.com/user/REDWOLFMUSIC
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Hi! I\'m Alex! I go by she/her or they/them pronouns. I do art commissions, so message me if you want one! VT account: @KuroiAkakamiVT go follow me, im taken by the love of my life/my soulmate/future husband @RED_117 and my besties are Lex and layla, my fav genshin character is Gaming and Klee (my little arson child) and my fav hsr character is Sparkle, i like anime, hazbin hotel, riikami, corgis, and Taylor Swift (damn you travis), and im emo plz dont come at me, black\'s just my favorite color other than sage
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Founder of vTubers.Me | https://vtubers.me