Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
09 August, 02:20
I don't post here much on account of it being laggy as hell, but if you aren't watching our Space Engineers streams on Twitch (next one on Friday) you're missing some shenanigans ...
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
02 July, 10:12
Face reveal; might delete later.
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
25 June, 09:40
So I'm working on a "Psymin Sezz Does All the Critical Arts" video after grinding out all the style XP and ... I had a funny little bug happen and I thought I'd share it as a preview. :)

#StreetFighter6 #vTuber #vtuberen
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
21 June, 11:58
Almost time for the weekly anti-anxiety group #hypnosis stream with an actual professional hypnotist (don't get too excited; it's just me). So be there in a few minutes. :)
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
18 June, 09:23
There were several clippable moments from yesterday's stream (CoffinCuddles Akira-bike-sliding a mining ship down a hill was a good one) but this was my personal favorite. XD
Photobombing CoffinCuddles' Stream - YouTube

Speaks for itself.CoffinCuddles:Twitter: @CuddlesCoffinTwitch:

Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
11 June, 11:59
Almost time for the second half of Street Fighter 6's story mode for Psymin's Pstory Psunday as we do the other half of the cast in a few minutes!
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
06 June, 06:01
I got some time today, so we're going to do some more Street Fighter 6 World Tour Mode in about an hour. The road to a Level 100 avatar and more drip awaits us! I know this game has a fedora somewhere ...
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
04 June, 10:03
Time for the weekly Psymin Pstory Psunday -- today we're going through the story/arcade mode in Street Fighter 6! It's like Ace Attorney but instead of presenting evidence we punch people in the face.
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
03 June, 04:06
Often, when I get bored, I meme. And there's a certain octopus VTuber named @CoffinCuddles who is sometimes the victim of said memes ...
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
02 June, 06:14
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
01 June, 12:51
Street Fighter 6 be pre-loaded; we'll stream it tomorrow as soon as it lets me. Maybe we stream early, maybe we stream late, maybe the servers crap out due to launch day tech issues and I just eat shit. I guess we'll see. :)
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
31 May, 11:26
Our usual anti-anxiety group hypnosis stream is in 40 minutes. I always see you post about your mental health and anxiety, but you never seem to drop by for your weekly therapy. Nothing changes if you don't change, so see you then. :)
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
28 May, 08:10
We're moving up Psymin Pstory Psunday a couple of hours this week just because we can. Consider it an experiment. :) So we're back for the second half of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles Escapades in a couple of hours.
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
26 May, 05:11
Fun during today's stream:

- Ortell launching his atmospheric ship out of the atmosphere, after just watching Jae do it. >_<
- The intangible, invisible Banana Vore Conda
- Psymin's Iron Thruster keeps snapping off from excessive thrusting
- Jae getting mugged ... IIIIIIIINN SPAAAAAAACE
- Jae almost catches a meteor in his asshole
- Psymin gets effectively murdered with a car bomb
Space Engineers Warheads are srs bsns - YouTube

Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
25 May, 12:11
Late tweet (was helping someone fly around the world to our base on the Space Engineers server) but you know I'm not missing your weekly anti-anxiety hypnotherapy appointment on Twitch! Just grabbing coffee from the break room and hoping Cuddles didn't make it too strong ...
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
21 May, 11:09
Blue suit's in the wash (read: I can't find it >_>) but we're back for more Ace Attorney Chronicles since I missed doing the Escapades when I first streamed it two years ago. :p So be there on Twitch in an hour for that.
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
21 May, 04:55
Figured out where the Classic Controls configuration was hiding after streaming the Open Beta for over an hour, and suddenly I was very, very happy ...
Finding Classic Controls after an hour of Modern in the OB ... - YouTube

Yes, I get a little cocky here, but after over an hour of crappy Modern controls in the open beta (since that's how long it took me to find where you can act...

Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
20 May, 11:53
Streaming some Street Fighter 6 open beta at the top of the hour. Can't turn off the modern controls so I guess we'll just spam DP. I mean, we were going to spam DP anyway, but still ....
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
17 May, 11:42
Our regular weekly group hypnosis session for anti-anxiety is in 20 minutes on Twitch. after that we're off to help CoffinCuddles with her 2 year anniversary, so it'll be a therapeutic and fun Wednesday. See you soon.
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
14 May, 12:25
Bit of a late start (my fault, for a change :p) but we're going back to Terraria to see if @CoffinCuddles and me can one-shot the final boss. This should be interesting. :)
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
12 May, 11:01
We had a huge 7-hour stream collab in Space Engineers yesterday, if you missed it. Which means you also missed one of my favorite explosions to date (not counting the meteor storm taking out my cargo). Tempt Clang at your peril. XD
Like it just lost the will to live and jumped in a hole ... - YouTube

Okay, I usually unlist little highlights like this to share in private Discord chats (despite all the time I spend editing them) but this one you guys get fo...

Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
12 May, 01:54
One of many highlights from today's 7-hour Space Engineers stream with the one and only Jae Docleton . Won't you help me get to 200 followers on Twitch? My hypno-cult must grow ...
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
11 May, 04:09
Back to the Space Engineers grind as we flesh out our base and make way too many ships with Jae Docleton!
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
08 May, 07:17
Next VTuber Funko Pop sneak peak; whoever could it be?
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
08 May, 12:15
Sunday Story time with a sleepy Psymin is a bit behind schedule (not that Twitch didn't eat my schedule anyway) but we'll be going blind into Quarantine Circular in 15 min!
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
07 May, 12:00
Back to Terraria with @CoffinCuddles ; we're in the endgame now!
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
06 May, 05:54
Oh yeah, speaking of abusing Jae ...
Just Follow The Explosion - YouTube

Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
06 May, 04:51
That was actually the second Funko Pop VTuber I made; Ortell the Slime was the first since he was so easy (or so the ladies tell me >_>) ...
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
06 May, 04:34
Been meaning to get back into Blender3D and I was inspired to make Funko Pops of various VTubers in my collab circle. So we'll start with Jae Docleton since I've been abusing him in Space Engineers for the last week. You should check him out.
Psy\'min Sezz, The V.. @PsyminSezz
04 May, 07:56
A short stream today, but the Space Engineers are live!