LenAirhead @LenAirhead
03 April, 04:11
Heya Name's Len,
your shapeshifting demigod wolf
i randomly stream however i feel like anything from retro games to latest games depending if i can stream it of course
Pronounces are He/Him and She/Her since im Bi-Gender
(also for any more socials: https://linktr.ee/lenairhead )
LenAirhead @LenAirhead
03 April, 12:01
reminds me i need to do a marked tweet uhhh it will come soon >.>
LenAirhead @LenAirhead
03 April, 12:00
is it just me or can i not see others profiles that are marked as restricted 🤔
LenAirhead @LenAirhead
29 March, 06:02
hi i exist here now x3