Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
28 April, 11:52
Hey, Listen!
72hrs of Froge [Majora's Mask] https://twitch.tv/divalthefrog...
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
28 April, 12:40
Hey My Froggers ^^ I got things sorted, Late stream http://www.twitch.tv/divalthef...
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
27 April, 12:21
Heyy Froggers, I'm still working on things so no twitch until tomorrow
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
21 April, 11:06
Challenge of the Frog doing some Pokemon UNITE
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
20 April, 11:16
Starting stream! Continuing with Star Wars Fallen Order https://twitch.tv/divalthefrog...
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
20 April, 12:08
The ships are in being upgraded in the dock, we shall depart soon! #worldofwarships
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
18 April, 09:01
LIVE at 5! It is time for our DESTINY 2..

Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
18 April, 04:34
Afternoon Froggers!🐸
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
16 April, 11:54
Morning Froggers 😄🐸
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
16 April, 12:53
Captain Froge Has Recruited You! https://twitch.tv/divalthefrog...
HaruLunaVT @HaruLunaVA
14 April, 08:29
Hmmm... I've been thinking about making a workshop to give vtubers live directions to build their confident in voice acting.

It would be awesome for voice acting streams and having to teach vtubers who has been wanting to know how voice acting works if they want to do this part time or full time.

What do you guys think?
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
13 April, 08:55
Stream starting in 5! Jedi Mind Froge 🐸❕
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
11 April, 06:18
Its AfterEaster, Hows this possible? Ah. A Schedule!
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
10 April, 01:05
Hoppy Easter my Froggers
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
06 April, 05:24
went to dentist. expensive for what is needed...
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
05 April, 09:53
i was going to stream today, but i have a pain in my mouth and nothing is helping... i need to go to the dentist tomorrow... i'll stream soon..
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
04 April, 04:37
Going Live 1pm EST for Destiny2 doing reset stuff and then who knows? PVP?! 💠✨
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
04 April, 04:56
Ringtail🦝💜 @Ringtail
02 April, 11:52
Hey YOU, Vtuber!

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Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
02 April, 10:27
Heyy there I'm Dropping this here, It's no April Fools~
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
01 April, 06:17
First time on the app, very interesting... I'm looking forward to meeting more people!🍓🐸💠
Divalthefroge @Divalthefroge
01 April, 06:06
Hey hey Kero~ Kero~ Its nice to be here, looking forward to meeting lots of of vtubers