4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
22 April, 09:11
just so you know I havnt forgotten about me hitting 50 followers so be ready for the giveaway soon. #ENVTuber️
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
22 April, 09:10
I want to reiterate about the Intervention that is happening on the 30th (next sunday) my stash will be under attack and you can join in the fun by attempting to make me lose all of it. Any bit donations are welcome, but not needed. We are here just for the fun of tarkov #vTuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
17 April, 09:45
Allright so since this is now a problem with my friends we are going to settle this the only way i know how. SO i am announcing the "INTERVENTION OF THE HOARDING RONIN". We are going to be putting myself to the test with all of my stash speaking for me. This is another pic of my stash. just so you see whats up. I am not touching anything until the Intervention. i will be doing SCAV runs leading up to it and i will keep my weapons. that is all. The dates set. but that will be stated later. How bout you show me your stash. #VtubersSupport #ENVuber #EscapefromTarkov
LadyMismar @LadyMismar
16 April, 11:30
Hey guys! Here is my Ko-Fi page if you want to support me, OR, commission me for a Vroid, or to spruce up your Vroid for you!

4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
15 April, 10:00
I hope you are ready because I am. we are getting ready to go live on cod with @LizMurmur let's get this going. we are live at 7:30 pm est (2 and a half hours) #Vtubers️ #englishvtuber #vtuberlive https://twitch.tv/4gtn_ronin
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
15 April, 09:01
oioi I will be streaming tonight playing some cod... I hope my computer can handle all of it. come by and watch some pandemonium. we should be around 7-7:30pm est #Vtubers️ #vampvtuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
12 April, 09:43
up an at em with some games. come by and have some fun. https://twitch.tv/4gtn_ronin
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
10 April, 10:54
oi oi im going to be playing some valorant then working on some old project. lets have some fun. #vTuber #ENVtuber https://twitch.tv/4gtn_ronin
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
09 April, 03:17
oi I am currently working on a project and I would like some help with it. I can explain more but if you are interested please do let me know. #englishvtuber #VtuberProject
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
08 April, 02:29
what are you all doing today? I'm currently working and getting ready to play and maybe stream. most likely valorant. anyone want to play some? #vampvtuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
07 April, 11:37
thank you so much in hitting 50 followers the skeb giveaway will be happening soon just be patient and on the lookout for it. #VtuberNews #vampvtuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
05 April, 10:51
i am live and waiting to be called by the warden to drop with queenofhellLiz @RainningDeath
. lets see how everything goes. #vTuber #ENVtuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
05 April, 10:44
oi oi it's ealr work has started. Now I will be streaming tonight. the game is TBD because of a couple thing I need to make sure of, but we are close to the 50 followers so I hope people are ready for the giveaway. #ENVTuber️ #vampvtuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
04 April, 01:44
so I have not had a good weekend and the week is shaping up nicely. tonight I will be streaming some valorant and possibly some gtfo.

I do want to say that we are close to 50 followers and I will be doing a skeb giveaway at 50 as thanks ^_^

see you later and have a nice day #vTuber #vampvtuber
💜KallMeK💜|| Predebut.. @KallMeK_VT
03 April, 01:36
SURPRISE SUNDAY STREAM, I'm messing around with AI Dungeon w/ DudeWithManyNames , come join us!

#VtubersEN #vTuber

4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
02 April, 09:54
I have gotten to 33 followers. I want to get to know you all. even if it is just a little bit. tell me about you. your likes, Dislikes, and anything in between. #vampvtuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
02 April, 10:53
I'm taking a week or two off streaming. see you then ^_^ #EVtuber #vTuber
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
02 April, 01:00
oi im going live with some valorant. i hope you can come by and if you play drop by if you want to join in some rounds. #ENVtuber #vTuber https://twitch.tv/4gtn_ronin
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
01 April, 08:40
anyone down to Val in around 3 hours? I'm going to be playing some round if anyone would like to join. note: I am calm and I will talk through rounds Abit ( sorry I like convos in my games) I am generally chill. if you want to play let me know.
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
01 April, 05:14
I wanted to ask since there are so many of us here now. why did you move over? what gravitated you to this app. for me, I want to be around more vtubers and see things I know I was missing previously. I just want to support however I can. I believe that this is a big step forward for everyone in this space and I'm happy to be a part of it. #vTuber #ENVTuber️
HadesVT @HadesVT
01 April, 01:20
Pushing for Affiliate, stream today possibly.
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
01 April, 01:02
would anyone want to play some valorant tonight. I get off work at 6:30pm est and I'm ready to play by 7-7:30. I would just like to have a group rather than play alone. lmk if you want to join ^_^ #ENVTuber️ #vampvtuber
Ringtail🦝💜 @Ringtail
01 April, 12:05

Just want to quickly clarify that I am NOT sponsored/employed/affiliated/etc by vT.M!!

I've seen a few people here assume that I am, and have sent me messages reporting bugs or other similar things that should be sent to staff, not me.

Please send these types of messages to @support, the official vTubers.Me support account.

@nekoli is the one and ONLY creator and owner of vTubers.Me.

Anyway that's all. Hope y'all are having a great Saturday!

#vTuber | #ENVtuber | #Vtuberuprising | #Announcement | #PublicServiceAnnouncement | #PSA
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
01 April, 10:16
oi oi. so I have been thinking about what to do for my goals. and I've come to the conclusion for every hundred I will do a skeb giveaways as thanks. I want to give back and with some specific giveaways like 100 500 and 1K followers it would be a group skeb where i will try my best to find an artist for multiple people in the art.

I'm sorry if this is confusing I don't mean it to be.
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
01 April, 12:56
no stream tonight. just watching movies with the GF. we will play overcooked tomorrow maybe.
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
31 March, 07:25
Hello. I hope everyone's day is going good. My days winding down from work. I might stream some overcooked when I get home.
Rainn @RainningDeath
31 March, 05:39
#ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising #VtuberSupport

Following back everyone who interacts

Since the bird app is pay to win now we need to start growing and supporting each other here
4gtn_ronin @4gtn_ronin
30 March, 11:39
hello hello. I am 4gtn_ronin (forgotten_ronin) I am just a kindred looking to have a nice time. its a pleasure to make your acquaintance. ^_^ (art is from ura_kanaokarina from skeb) #4gtn_art