Alora @AloraBlossomElf
wanted to say hi and let people know I'm #autistic and #lgbt #POC and I'm also #trans but i can't transition medically. that's why Alora has such small bewbs because i can't have that and be almost flat.
I stream on #Twitch and upload VODS to YouTube.
my debut is December 21, 2023 at 12pm EST.
i hope to meet all of you there. I'm so excited about this!
20 August, 04:27
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Eva Nox @EvaNox
20 August, 05:25
Replying to Alora's Post
Welcome fellow #AutisticStreamer ! It can be tough at times dealing with the social aspects of streaming but it is worth it, I promise you that!

I try to be as open about things like my ASD and MS as possible to help people understand that while we do have limitations, we are not completely unable to do things! IMO disabled (as I am disabled, but am not totally unfunctional) does not mean UNABLE, it just means differently abled, in one or more things. Expressing that to others has been life changing, because the stigma is changing!