Senpai @Senpai
05 March, 01:11
Playing master duel with chat, come watch at
Senpai @Senpai
03 March, 10:17
I'm going to try to make an attempt to be more active on here
Senpai @Senpai
19 February, 03:09
I’m streaming in 2 hours for the first time in over a month
Senpai @Senpai
13 February, 08:20
I’m back, surprise!

I’m going to be streaming every Sunday from now on, shocking, me being consistent
Senpai @Senpai
09 January, 04:37
It’s 11:40 I should probably sleep
Senpai @Senpai
05 January, 07:01
I haven’t been on here in a while, oops?

What has everyone been up to?
Senpai @Senpai
31 December, 02:23
Going live for the last time in a while
Senpai @Senpai
29 December, 02:05
Starting stream now!

Playing metal gear rising revengeance
Senpai @Senpai
28 December, 10:21
I might stream later
Senpai @Senpai
27 December, 11:01
No ref sheet yet because no monies

anyway i apparently have an art tag #sketchpai
Senpai @Senpai
27 December, 10:41
I’m seeing an almost depressing amount of otters here