Torimo Jori @torimojori
30 April, 03:39
god i love hot showers
Torimo Jori @torimojori
27 April, 10:52
I’m gonna be at work for like another 2 hours
Sad Tori
Torimo Jori @torimojori
27 April, 03:21
i sleeps
g'night peeps
Torimo Jori @torimojori
25 April, 11:26
Heya everyone. It has been a whiiiiile. It is nice to be back on though!!!

I shall return to my quest to follow every user, probably this weekend.
Torimo Jori @torimojori
20 February, 12:13
Lots of Friendos, But No Idea How to Interact With Them.
Torimo Jori @torimojori
26 January, 10:30
Conquering the World in Europa Universalis!
Today we'll be learning how to play Europa Universalis 4, and then mastering it! Come watch my total ineptitude!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
24 January, 10:30
Playing Hades For The First Time!
Today we'll be experiencing the wonders of Hades for the first time, blasting through the Ancient Greek underworld! Come join me on a new adventure!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
24 January, 01:22
Torimo Jori @torimojori
22 January, 12:00
Finishing Off Year Three of Spring!
Today, (again) we're back in Stardew Valley, gettin to the end of Spring of Year Three! Come watch this great sendoff!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
21 January, 10:30
Making Hundreds of Thousands of Gold!
Today we'll be making tons and tons of gold in the Spring of year Three in Stardew Valley! Come watch the money extravaganza bananza!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
20 January, 10:30
Spreading the Tori Madness Worldwide!
Today we'll be in Plague Inc. Evolved creating and customizing different scenarios to wipe out the entire world! Come watch the chaos unfold!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
19 January, 10:30
Blasting Through My Enemies!
Today we'll be destroying everything that stands in our way in Dead Cells! Come watch the fireworks!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
18 January, 10:31
Beating the Final Boss!
Today we'll be completing Cult of the Lamb with all of my loyal followers! Come watch me ascend to godhood!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
18 January, 12:03
Did You Know: Sudan
Torimo Jori @torimojori
17 January, 10:30
Getting to the End of Spooky's Mansion!
Today we'll be getting to the very end of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, and defeating Spooky! After that, we'll do a bit of Clustertruck. Come watch my victory!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
17 January, 09:54
Did You Know: Australia
Torimo Jori @torimojori
16 January, 07:43
Did You Know: Rasputin
Torimo Jori @torimojori
16 January, 12:13
Did You Know: Bumblebee Bats
Torimo Jori @torimojori
16 January, 11:36
Did You Know: Light Years
Torimo Jori @torimojori
16 January, 12:01
Did You Know: YouTube Shorts
Torimo Jori @torimojori
15 January, 10:31
Teching It Up in Raft!
Today we'll be back with Anubis in Raft, advancing our technology! We're making some good progress! Come along with me!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
14 January, 04:00
Did You Know: Arctic Apples
Torimo Jori @torimojori
14 January, 11:01
Finishing Up Year Two!
Today we'll be finishing up Year Two of Stardew Valley! Come watch the end of another year!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
14 January, 12:54
Tori Gets Jumpscared
Torimo Jori @torimojori
13 January, 10:33
Venturing the Crevices of the World!
Today we'll be playing Elden Ring, exploring new areas and defeating powerful enemies. Come enjoy the experience!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
13 January, 02:30
Someone just asked me if I could dom them and punish them on my tellonym. How do I react to this?
Torimo Jori @torimojori
12 January, 11:16
Going Further Than Ever Before!
Today we'll be going even farther in Dead Cells, beating all of them bosses! Come watch the madness!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
11 January, 11:56
Did You Know: Tardigrades
Torimo Jori @torimojori
11 January, 10:30
Evangelizing to the Heathens!
Today, we're going to be going into the Land of the Old Faith, destroying rival cultists, and recruiting our own! Come join the fun!
Torimo Jori @torimojori
10 January, 10:41
Did You Know: Blue