nekoli @nekoli
Hey everyone, I just wanted to make an announcement regarding the compromised Twitch extensions "Pando and StreamAlertsTV". If you removed all your extensions and connections from Twitch, please be sure to reconnect vTubers.Me through your Account Settings, that way it can still showcase your live badge, stats, and live post.

Apparently the Pando extensions has been deleted at this point, however I feel deeply sorry to those that were affected by the situation.
10 September, 05:52
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L0veRaven @L0veRaven
11 September, 02:03
Replying to nekoli's Post
What's the extension name? Nothing shows up when I type in ""
nekoli @nekoli
11 September, 02:28
Replying to L0veRaven's Post
It would be under other connections, if you don't see it, you may have removed it or haven't connected your twitch to vTubers.Me.

You can reconnect your twitch via Account Settings -> Connections -> Twitch
Yed Yasha 🪶🚪Night-Ow.. @yedyasha
10 September, 06:30
Replying to nekoli's Post
i didn't even know there was a Twitch connection for Vtuber me haha. thanks for the heads up!
nekoli @nekoli
10 September, 05:56
Replying to nekoli's Post
From the developers of Pando. Apparently they knowingly left in unsecure parts that could be easily exploitable and it was not and insider.