Nakito ChizuVT ! LIVE! 🔴 Kitsune @VtuberEN @Nakito
My name is Nakito Chizu and I'm a Kitsune
@Nakito .
I wanna befriend more #VTubers and raid them on Twitch! Drop your links down below! 📷Likes and RTs appreciated. #ENVtuber #VtuberUprsing #VtuberSupport
03 April, 11:19
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LadyMismar @LadyMismar
04 April, 01:25
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Hihi! I'm LadyMismar! I'm a celestial grim reaper Vtuber! I play a variety of games, build Vroids and do reading ASMR (usually in a whisper). I'm a bit lewd 💕