NellyBears @NellyBears
Drawing emotions! FREE

💖Drop your PNG or OC reference and one emoji that you would like me to draw!

I will choose quite few to draw and follow!

👉✨Also optionally drop your Twitch links! Let's stay connected!

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01 April, 11:02
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ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
02 April, 09:14
Replying to NellyBears's Post
This looks fun! 😊
Foxy Akiyama @Foxy_Akiyama
02 April, 07:37
Replying to NellyBears's Post
Here you go i see potential of your art 😳
Vindrash Vystrani ⚙️.. @Vindrash_Vystrani
01 April, 11:52
Replying to NellyBears's Post
Thanks for the opportunity!

I have no idea on an emote sooo I picked on at random lol😐
Coyote @coyote
01 April, 10:57
Replying to NellyBears's Post
Shoot, absolutely!

I feel like I'd be kicking myself in the butt if I didn't request the oni emote 👹 (or alternatively the basic horned demon emote 😈).

My birthday party is tomorrow if anyone wants to drop by!
MellowFira @MellowFira
01 April, 01:47
Replying to NellyBears's Post
how fun! if possible i'd really like some sort of "hype" or just a "wave hi" kind of thing! 💜
AH_Killy @Killy
01 April, 11:04
Replying to NellyBears's Post
sure why not lol have fun i guess
NellyBears @NellyBears
01 April, 11:06
Replying to AH_Killy's Post
Hi! Please include emoji as well so I know which expression to draw if I go for it! ^^