ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
03 May, 06:15
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
29 April, 05:28
I like to play hard mode in gacha games that favor female characters by running male only teams XD
#honkaistarrail #ENVtuber #beingmid
Pyper @PickledPyper
25 April, 07:31
I will fist fight your enemies~ 💪💥👊
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
17 April, 03:32
We're heading back into #ResidentEvil4Remake ! Please no more Ashley stages. D:

#VTubers #VtubersEN #VtuberUprisings
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
16 April, 05:44
Sorry for the wait! I was sick this past week and dedicated some of my time to being horizontal in bed.

Row#3! @Jade_Callisto , @haebearri , and @Vindrash_Vystrani !!
#VtuberMemes #ENVtuber #Vtuberuprising
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
06 April, 09:14
Row #2! Onto the last one for this batch!
@KyoteYami @Vayne6659 @Zethy_The_Wolf
#VtuberMemes #ENVtuber
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
06 April, 07:50
A normal morning conversation between friends.
Achievement Goblin @Achievement_Goblin
04 April, 05:57
Going Live with code vien, also know as anime dark souls. 1 more follower and i am at 50.
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
03 April, 04:20
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
02 April, 10:09
First 3 done~! Kenji is hogging all the color. xD
@NosoraVR @AkihazaKenji @coyote

#vTuber #FreeArt #VtuberMemes
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
02 April, 04:48
It's 12:48am! GOOD MORNING! xD
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
01 April, 05:16
Oh dear goodness I fixed it... #vroid #vTuber #3DModel
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
01 April, 03:25
The Void. A world that hides behind the sun. Floating unchained from times flow it sees many accidental travelers. Within this world forever in twilight you can find the guild 'Deep Hollow'.

We strive to help non-humans learn the joy of co-op games so they see humans as friends and not food! I'm Shibu! Guildmaster and lover of all things co-op!

Art by Repanndda on twitter
#ENVtuber #vTuber {#id:1023#}
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
31 March, 05:36
A new site means a new one of these!
Drop me your PNGs

#vTuber #VtuberMemes #art #FreeArt
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
31 March, 05:11
Had these hairs decided they were too good for the head. >:| #vroid #ENVtuber
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
31 March, 03:10
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
31 March, 10:50
Did anyone else experience Ayaka and Shenhe knocking all their Mikas to the floor?
#GenshinImpact #VtuberMemes #ENVtuber #meme
ShibuQ📜Guild Master☀.. @Shibu_Q
31 March, 10:11
Hi I'm Shibu and here's an awesome model showcase by my Live2D Mama! TsukinoShinjiu
#ENVtuber #vTuber #Live2D #Vtuberuprising
[Showcase] ShibuQ - Live2D Model Showcase - YouTube

Here is one of my most recent children! Shibu is super adorable and her streams are super chill! Make sure to check her out~Here are her links:https://twitte...