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shaybun @shaybun
04 April, 11:33
Look at this lil clown pfp i made for april fools! Also went back and edited a non clown version >:3

#AprilFools #VTubers
GothyÆ @Gothy
20 April, 02:05
GothyÆ @Gothy
13 April, 02:15
GothyÆ @Gothy
12 April, 02:10
GothyÆ @Gothy
10 April, 02:53
GothyÆ @Gothy
07 April, 01:50
GothyÆ @Gothy
06 April, 01:32
GothyÆ @Gothy
05 April, 01:59
GothyÆ @Gothy
03 April, 10:26
GothyÆ @Gothy
03 April, 02:45
GothyÆ @Gothy
02 April, 01:43

Join me LIVE for Hades escape attempts!

#PNGtuber #Latino #SmallStreamer #YouTube #Twitch #kick #Gothstreamer #gothic #goth #HadesGame #Zagreus #Hades #Lyre
GothyÆ @Gothy
26 March, 04:35
GothyÆ @Gothy
24 March, 01:45
666reddog | Pre-Debu.. @666reddog
17 March, 09:36
We made some progress on a new gothic build today in #HokkoLife!✨
Super excited to finish this but this may be a longer build than normal👀

We ended up raiding out to @ConfusedCultist over at why not check them out??

#vtuberswithdisabilities | #VTubers | #LifeinHokko |🐾
krystalstar_vt @krystalstar_vt
20 August, 03:48
krystalstar_vt @krystalstar_vt
19 August, 03:53
Rococo @vtuberrococo
02 July, 11:15
Hiyo everybunny! I'm new here! I am a Seiso #ENVtuber #vTuber

My name is Rococo i am an artic hare gothic lolita that was rescued by a Lord he happend to be a magician! He brang me to his Victoriam Mansion where he love and cared for me and turned me somewhat human. One day he left and iv been sitting waiting in this Library for hundreds of years reading about all the wonderful people and places in the world!

I stream wholesome/cozy games, visual novels, jrpgs and art!! I love making friends and I have a joy chatting with everyone!
Snake Halibaster @Snake_HalibasterVT
03 April, 11:51
Greetings, mortals! My eldritch presence has arrived to this website! 😃

A little info about myself: I am an eldritch leviathan VTuber. I love all things spooky and gothic! My streams are goofy and an all around fun time, that I am told, and although it is marked for mature audiences, it's very much safe for work!

I play a variety of games. Mostly known for playing the Devil May Cry series, Yakuza series, and much more!

It's a pleasure to meet you all and I hope to make your acquaintance in the future!

#ENVtuber #IntroPost
Noahzoom @Noahzoom
30 March, 10:13
My first post here! This will be my backup if something goes bad for Twitter.
I'm Noahzoom, your cute DJ Emo/Gothic CatBoy, My streams are 18+ and lewd, so NO MINORS!!!
But we enjoy the good vibes and play games with my friends on my streams.
Hope you'll have a good time and spread the positive vibes!

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