Cult Leader Bagel @TheFrigidBagel
20 March, 12:22
I'm one suggestive fanart away from falling into my lewdtuber arc
Tigra Valentine 🔞 @TigraValentine
17 March, 06:26
Tigra Valentine 🔞 @TigraValentine
02 March, 10:37
Model teaser for my redebut.......I can't wait to show you all!!

Model made by my model papa:
SapakiJoe on twitter

#Lewdtuber #vTuber #furry
⭐Mawi⭐ @maawwii
27 February, 07:00
As part of a sub goal chat decided that I should play Visage, so let's continue it!


#ENVtuber #Lewdtuber #Twitch
🔞 Domi the BDSM Dobe.. @Domiwoof
26 February, 02:11
It's time! #GoingLive with more Trails from Zero! Will you come spend the evening with me?


#ENVtuber #vTuber #Lewdtuber #TrailsfromZero #woofvtubing
🔞 Domi the BDSM Dobe.. @Domiwoof
25 February, 06:09

In my next Youtube viddeo, I start the Forest with Fenri! Check it out!!

#YouTube #Lewdtuber #TheForest
Two himbos, one forest (The Forest part 1!) - YouTube

Happy Valentine's Day, subbies! This year, I'm double-domming with Fenri to take on the Forest! Check out our first foray!Fenri's channel:

⭐Mawi⭐ @maawwii
25 February, 05:48
Ah yes, new victims to show all my old thumbnails that I spend way too much time on
#ENVtuber #Lewdtuber #Borderlands2
CeaShokVT-(18+)-Jell.. @CeaShokVT
25 February, 02:46
Vtube Twitter has become like the rest of twitter.
I miss the vtuber Twitter where the worst thing you could ever see was just a lewdtubers boobs.

At least that could get a chuckle outta me.
🔞 Domi the BDSM Dobe.. @Domiwoof
23 February, 08:35
New Youtube video's out! This is the third part of my Raft playthrough with Tomaae!

#raft #vTuber #ENVtuber #Lewdtuber #YouTube
yachting!!! (Raft part 3) - YouTube

We found a yacht, and got to fight some rats!Tomaae's channel: Stream Start3:00 Radio Tower13:00 After the radio tower45:00 The ...

🔞 Domi the BDSM Dobe.. @Domiwoof
23 February, 05:25
"Are you ready to greet your Doberman dominant, subbie?"

Hey! I'm Domi, and I'm an 18+ he/him lewdtuber! Most of my channel and branding is flavored in BDSM, and this is a kink-positive, sex-positive, pro-LGBTQIA+ space which supports and stands up for marginalized communities.

Check me out sometime!



Live: #woofvtubing
Comms: #domicomms
🔞 Comms: #domicums

#ENVtuber #vTuber #VtubersUprising #Lewdtuber

🔞 Domi the BDSM Dobe.. @Domiwoof
23 February, 02:13
Hey subbies! I'm live on Twitch!

#vTuber #ENVtuber #Lewdtuber #LIVENOW

Come join me!
🔞 Domi the BDSM Dobe.. @Domiwoof
23 February, 12:21
I’ve not posted here much so I’m gonna do some posts to test the waters.

Let’s start with this: if you see this post, comment to introduce yourself? Let’s see if we have anything in common! #ENVtuber #vTuber #Lewdtuber

Oh and if we already know each other smash follow or drop me a line so I can follow you here!
Trash Mouse 🖤 @Trash_Mouse__
18 February, 09:27
⬇ Mass info pinned thread ⬇

I go by Trash, not Mouse. 😅
I'm a lewdtuber with a rattle to my voice.


Art Tag: #trash_art
NSFW Tag: #trash_lewds
Arcane Aceles 🔮🔞☕ @ArcaneAceles
17 February, 10:46
If anyone still uses twitter and wants to participate in my model reveal~

#ENVtuber #Lewdtuber
Arcane Aceles 🔮🔞☕ @ArcaneAceles
15 February, 08:00
My reference sheet~

#arcanebeauty #ENVtuber #Lewdtuber

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