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nekoli @nekoli
15 May, 02:11
Anddd, we're back, this time on a fresh drive. Sorry it took a while. We had to spend time figuring out what went wrong and ensure all data was safe.

Backups are taken of course, but only want to use them if necessary.

If you would like to assist the platform in being less reliant on a single point of failure, you can upgrade your account to Vmium or support our ko-fi here:

Thank you for using vTubers.Me. c:
Cinder the Fox 🦊🔥 @FirestormFox
31 May, 04:50
is it really that big of a deal for your real name to be connectable to your VTubing? I've been a freelance artist before and I published two books so there's no distancing myself fully from my real name. I've made it less obvious but it's still fully findable if someone wants to find it.
Nyakun Valkyrie @NyakunValkyrie
27 May, 03:12
I normally use pen and paper but am trying to make a 2D Vtuber now on twitch at and would love people to chat with, tips for Krita, and tips for twitch and Vtubing as i am new to this
#random #newcomer #noideawhatimdoing #Twitch #twitchstreaming
JustSomeAndy @JustSomeAndy
21 March, 06:41
Well lookie here, a new social media platform to jump into! Hello everyone on vTubers dot me! I'm still new to the vTubing community & learning as I go along but so far getting into vTubing has been a really awesome experience!

Looking forward to getting to meet more awesome peeps within the community! :D
Lilith Saga 🖋😈 | Wri.. @LilithSaga
20 March, 04:03

That's right! Ya gurl officially debuted as a vtuber a year ago today! Hell yeah!!

(Be on the lookout for something happening later today... Maybe around 8PM EST on YouTube... gotta test a few things...) 🔎
Queenie Caeli @AngelicQ
03 March, 07:33

When we started VTubing back in 2022, we never thought we'd reach 100, let alone 600 followers!

I hope I continue to make you all happy. I haven't really had too many goals but.... maybe I'll shoot for 1,000 by 2025?
Red Vacant @RedVacant
29 February, 04:41
So this was my announcement.
All vtuber projects are on hold. We know that vtubing is fading away and is in a decline.
I'm going to be having my own web show. It will be on wix. Rumble maybe.
I will be rebranding myself.
The person playing Violet Lime was hired full time as a local news reporter. Taking the role of Violet will be a current vtuber so Violet will be a musician. But will be rebranding.
Comic for a graduated vtuber will be in the works after I complete Vtuber Problem episode.
Cranberry Lemon will be rebranding.
Thank you.
#VioletLimeRebranding #VtuberAnnouncement #Webshow
Red Vacant @RedVacant
23 February, 04:33
My announcement video will be 20 minutes, so I will be dividing the videos depending on the memory size for this site. This will be about vtubing, and the future of it. The clips will be uploaded...probably Saturday.
LyraMitsukii @LyraMitsukii
21 February, 10:09
A silly meme I made a while back, figured I'd post it here ^^ While vtubing isn't my job, I still thought it would be a silly meme to make regardless!
VirtuStar @VirtuStar
12 February, 12:22
G’Day #VTubers , this is VirtuStar signing on 🫡 ⭐. Drop a follow for #vtubing tips, information, resources and support!
05 February, 05:37
🎉 New #NyanArchives episode out now! 🎉 Dive into the latest gaming, VTubing, and streaming topics with
. Don't miss it!

📺 YT:
🎵 Spotify:

#gaming #vtubing #streaming #podcast
03 February, 03:23
🚀 Excited to unveil #NyanArchives! A podcast where gaming meets VTubing and streaming. 🌟 Hosted by @KaiyaBell & @Catershime of @AVRMV.

🎧 First episode drops Feb 5, 2024, at 11 AM CET (5 AM EST/2 AM PST) on YouTube and Spotify. Don't miss it!

📺 YT:
🎵 Spotify:
TheMajorFreedom @TheMajorFreedom
25 January, 05:42
It does feel great coming back to streaming, had to take a break for a year. Honestly think it's important to put yourself first if you feel stressed out or just feeling burnt out like I was. But I was always planning on coming back, I love doing Vtubing way too much, plus who's gonna save the day if your ole pal MAJOR FREEDOM is gone?

Anyway PSA of the day Take care of yourself and do what you feel is good for you!

Art was done by the Vtuber DeadRatto

#ENVtuber #vtuberartwork #VtubersUprising
Compodulator @Compodulator
07 January, 06:46
I'm not dead, I'm just taking a considerably long break from vtubing in favor of uni.
🌈​Le Monde De Mochi🌈.. @LeMondeDeMochi
19 December, 02:50
bonjour je suis Mochi 🌈​
je suis nouvelle dans le vtubing fr 🌈​
passer un journée colorer 🌈​
TeaToast @TeaToasttea
08 December, 02:05
Hello! I am pretty new to this whole thing, but decided to introduce myself. I am a vtuber that plays a lot of Splatoon, Celeste, Fable II, and more. I started vtubing with an app called Hyper Online, and I spend little time on Reality. I hope I can grow my mini community here and make some new friends! :P
ProblematicSwag @ProblematicSwag
07 December, 05:15
Today's stream might have been a wash, but I did start planning something out for next year.

If you've been around the community for a while, you know that I got a new VRChat model over the summer.

I'm going to start working on converting that model over to a VRM format to use for streams outside VRChat.

I don't expect it to be done and ready to unveil next year, but I'm so excited to take this next step as a Vtuber.

tl;dr: 3D Vtubing model debut sometime in 2024
Diva @DragonBard_Diva
13 November, 11:22
Ad Astra Abyssosque, Welcome to the Adventurer's Guild. Chill night as we go diggen for rock and stone. :3

#vtubing #ENVtubers
brookieie_live @brookieie_live
13 November, 01:27
i cant belive ive been vtubing for almost a year and a half total lmao
Red Vacant @RedVacant
27 October, 04:16
The new vtuber will appear sometime soon or saturday. Wanna thank @GoldenKiwi since he is in this image comic debut for this new vtuber. Already this new vtuber has a account. And from what this new vtuber is, she is a doctor, and a dentist. Look forward to when she appears officially, after I show off her debut. P.S. her comic/vtubing debut will contain nudity of the buttocks.
#NewVtuberDebut #Doctordentistvtuber #Thenewvtuber #VtubersDotMe
Vaindinth @Vaindinth
26 October, 11:45
🎉Uncapped Subathon 2024🎉
as a celebration of 2 years #vtubing I will be celebrating with an Uncapped subathon. Subathon will start in 107 days starting at 10am on the 11th of Feb 2024. Starting time will be 24 hrs
Violet Lime @VioletLime
14 October, 03:11
On video, I discuss about the decline of viewership on twitch, decline in livestreaming. Merryweather may quit vtubing, Froot Apricot, NWA, goldenfruitkiwi to unveil more outfits. More outfits than vtubers Murmaider, Zentreya, and Ironmouse. Decline of VShojo, AEW declining, the new vtuber, an old vtuber, and MORE. This is the preview.
#Discussionpreview #VShojo #livestream #AEW #wwe #NWA
Fortuna Tu ⬜ @FortunaTu
28 September, 01:41
Hey y'all, i made a video about PNGtuber Plus, it's a mini-tutorial! Though it is in portuguese, since i make some to show what each thing does (and the parameters are in english) i figured someone here might wanna take a look and see!

Btw, PNGtuber Plus's latest update support sprite sheets, so if you're an animator, you might be able to do some cool stuff on it 👀

(Also, i'm very happy with how my very first custom thumbnail since i started vtubing came out, happi happi happi!)
PNGtuber Plus: O que é? (mini-tutorial) [LINK NA DESCRIÇÃO] - YouTube

PNGtuber Plus é um programa novo para todos os PNGtuber, mas tem seu nível de complexidade. Com este vídeo eu falo sobre o que é, e faço uma modelo de demons...

🩵The Venus Variation.. @venusvariation
25 September, 11:02
vtubing sometimes us like walking on a tightrope #VtubersUprising #vtuberen #balancingact #venusvariation
Malina 🦊🌌 @cinnamali_
23 September, 10:51
So as you can see, I've redesigned/branded into a furry. This is the happiest I've been in my vtubing career.
CheckyNyanChan @CheckyNyanChan
18 September, 01:22
Tomorrow I'll be doing a streaming relay #donothon with my Vtubing team! I'll be streaming my part at 5PM EST! Here are my incentives!
#vTuber #vtuberen #ENVtuber #ENVtubers #VTubers #twitchaffiliate #Vtuberuprising #CharityStream #twitchstreamer #Twitch
Fortuna Tu ⬜ @FortunaTu
17 September, 02:49
Hello, how is vtubing going to you? Having fun?
SaishoVibes @saishovibes
15 September, 04:34
Hi everyone! I decided to hop on here from finding this on the app store!

I am SaishoVibes, but call me Sai. VTubing is my main way of streaming as I tend to be self conscious and it is a good way to express myself.

I try to make my own models, but the art I almost always commission.

Anyways, check my profile for pronouns and my YouTube channel link. There, you'll find my linktree, discord, and twitch. So I hope that helps you all!

Also, I tend to swear quite a bit in videos so don't be surprised. 90% of my content is 16+ I'd say.

Hope you all have a good day, sorry for my rant 😅

Capyio @Capyio
12 September, 08:48
if you are looking for a video editor to turn your clips into Tiktoks or YouTube shorts PLEASE dm me!
#vTuber #vtubing #clip #Twitch #twitchfunnyclips #editing
Choco Ichigo @chocoichigo
07 September, 08:55
Hey, have you tried vtubing?

Asking on a site made for vtubers....
Laz 💙 @lusterlazuli
06 September, 05:05
Tomorrow at 2pm EST, I am honored to be a guest on the LGBTQIA+ Podcast, #VRainbow! I will be talking candidly about my sexuality, gender, and how it relates to vtubing! I would love it if you could come by!

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