Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
19 May, 01:30
Good morning Chimeras

As you all saw I ended up not streaming due to stress..
But today things are looking better! So I think around 10PM CET we'll be doing a Yakuza Friday!

[#Vtuber | #ENVtuber | #yakuza ]
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
18 May, 11:23
Still very stressed and not sure what to do..

I'm considering streaming today but not sure what game or if I'll do it at all.
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
17 May, 11:04
Good timezones

Hope you're all doing well
I woke up with a headache.. so that's fun
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
15 May, 11:12
I dunno how much or if I'll stream much this week, it's a rather stressful one for me.

If you'd want to be notified whenever I would go live it's best to join me over on Discord 💜
The link to which is in the Carrd link in my bio
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
12 May, 11:52
Moving todays Yakuza Friday to 8PM CET

Just have a few things to do and I don't wanna rush back from that and instantly have to start streaming or disappear mid-stream to finish ^^

[ #vTuber #Yakuza0 ]
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
11 May, 06:29
Had a shorter and low energy stream today but it was still fun to get back into the world of Sea of Thieves..

My internet was rubberbanding me a lot, but the magic of SoT kept me in the servers as we did a Tall Tale
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
11 May, 03:21
We're gonna be jumping back into some Sea of Thieves in 40min

Today is a low energy kinda day, so we'll just sail around and see what happens. No idea if the mistery thing is live already or not, but it should still be fun

[ #ENVtuber #seaofthieves ]
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
11 May, 10:37
Good timezoens everyone

Hope you slept better than I did.
Got another question for ya!
If you could go anywhere for a week without having to worry about costs, where would you wanna go?
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
10 May, 10:09
Morning Chimeras 💜

I hate being woken up.. especially by the sound of construction.

Either way I got another question for you all!
What's a game that you keep coming back to even after dropping it for a few months?

For me it's CS or Minecraft
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
09 May, 09:30
Thank you for a great stream Chimeras
Zomboid might not have worked but that's okay!

We made a lot of progress in Darkwood instead and ended up raiding
HattlingHattoru who's still live over on Twitch

Go check them out! 💜
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
09 May, 07:09
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
09 May, 05:59
🌒Can we survive a week of Zomboids?🌘

Maybe. Just have to keep going till we get lucky!

#VTubers #ENVtubers
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
09 May, 04:37
Feeling kinda sleepy.. But I'm not cancelling todays Project Zomboid stuffs

I'll just get some caffein or something and we try to survive!
I fixed the issue from last time, it was a missing file

See you at The Den at 8PM CET!
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
09 May, 09:41
Good morning Chimeras

Hope you all slept well
Got a question for ya. What game in your opinion has one of the best OST's you've ever heard?

For me I'd have to be The World Ends With You or the Yakuza series
#vTuber #ENVtuber
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
08 May, 02:00
It's been a little while since I last jumped into NEO:TWEWY but we're getting back into it today at 6PM CET / GMT +2

I'll be turning it into a YT video later since we still need to finish that series! (And I need to get back to uploading)

See you there Chimeras 💜
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
08 May, 09:43
Good timezones everyone

It's monday again.. Hope it goes well for you all
Do you have any ways to start your weeks off strong?
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
07 May, 02:14
Didn't forget to post it this time!

I wanna do as much as I can while I'm still here
Is that hinting at anything? Dunno

Phasmophobia will be open lobby for you all to join in!!
#vTuber #ENVtuber #vTuberSchedule
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
07 May, 11:58

Hope you all had a great weekend
Apologies for lack of stream yesterday but I was having some internet issues due to the weather and forgot to mention it
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
06 May, 12:05
Something big might be coming...

Sometime soon-ish
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
05 May, 06:20
Bit of a shorter one this time as my internet started acting up (possibly due to the sudden construction work or something?)

Either way we moved forward with the amazing story of Yakuza 0 and ended up raiding the amazing BattleToaster

Go check em out!
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
05 May, 03:58
🔴It's that time again!

What time you may ask? Time for Yakuza Fridays!
Come and join me at The Den for some chill and gaming 💜

[ #Vtuberuprising #SmallStreamer ]
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
05 May, 09:07
Good morning

Hope your week went well!
We're gonna be jumping into more Yakuza 0 today at 6PM CET
Maybe move the story forward a bit!

[ #vTuber #ENVtuber #SmallStreamer ]
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
03 May, 09:07
OBS decided to crash on me again as we were ending things but at least this time you all didn't miss anything

Tomorrow I'm taking a bit of a break but Friday we're returning to the amazing world of Yakuza 0
Hope to see you there 💜
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
03 May, 06:01

Come over and enjoy some moida with us!
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
03 May, 03:59
It's time to go back into the Woods

Will you join me as we do what we can to get out of this cursed place?
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
03 May, 03:00
Darkwood in an hour!

And 3h untill Killing Floor 2
(Unless something changes)
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
03 May, 09:19
Morning Chimeras

We're going to be doing a double game stream today just like last time!
Starting 6PM CET we're going back to Darkwood and at 8PM CET switching to Killing Floor 2 with BattleToaster and StubbornZombie

Hope to see you there lovelies 💜
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
02 May, 10:03
... Aparently OBS decided to die/disconnect me without any notice towards the end of tonights stream, losing around 30min of content...

I don't know if I want to cry, or punch through a wall right now
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
02 May, 05:58
🔴Hello Chimeras

We're going back to the gloomy world of Pathologic 2
Last time we saw first signs of the plague. Let's hope we can do something about it before it's too late for us and the entire town.
Wilnate🐺 @Wilnate
02 May, 10:26
Gooooood morning Chimeras

It's barely been a few days since I streamed.. yet I already miss it
Can't wait to jump back into things today at 8PM CET ^^