Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
01 October, 08:05
I was thinking of doing a karaoke stream, wanted to know some instrumentals I can use without Youtube copyrighting me
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
01 June, 01:16
The R-Man @TheRMan
15 May, 11:39
Info for everyone:
Don't join that server. Nothing happened/will happen in there. It's just an advertisement from bots
Pyper @PickledPyper
25 April, 07:31
I will fist fight your enemies~ 💪💥👊
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
26 April, 01:41
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
26 April, 01:40
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
19 April, 06:53
It's the rare moments in which I am not filming that I am blessed with aim, ACEs and MVPs. Excuse me as I return to my bin to scream for a sec

#ENVtuber #Valorant #VtubersUprising
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
16 April, 07:20
Turning on my PC is a walk of shame with the 3 unedited videos starring at me from my desktop

#vTuber #ENVtuber #twitchstreaming
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
16 April, 07:19
The will to make OBS run a one-hour stream of a racoon eating grapes...

#vTuber #ENVtubers #twitchstreaming
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
16 April, 04:52

Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
07 April, 08:39
Streaming on Twitch!!! Drop by and watch me slowly descend into madness playing this cursed game :)


#ENVtuber #Twitch #vTuber
Ringtail🦝💜 @Ringtail
06 April, 06:10

I need your help.
My hospital bill may leave me homeless if I can't pay it off.
Please consider helping out if you're able to. Even $1 would mean the world.
Thank you in advance everyone that is able to help. I'm sorry.


#vTuber | #ENVtuber | #Vtuberuprising | #VtuberSupport
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
06 April, 12:03
I don't remember who said this but someone taught me this trick on how to stop worrying so much about numbers.
You're going to look at the number of people on your stream/chat/followers, whichever is worrying you. And you're tearing down the virtual wall.
Imagine instead of a stream, it's a live irl show. Suddenly those 5 people watching your stream don't seem so small. Imagine 5 people left their homes just to watch you? How crazy is that? It sounds unreal even! Fulfilling! Five whole people in a room, for YOU!

Keep Going! And never give up! You've got this !
#ENVtuber #Encourage
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
05 April, 11:07
Stream today at 5:30pm GMT on Twitch !! We'll be playing Everybody Must Die and some other games on itch.io

#ENVtuber #vTuber #twitchstreaming
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
04 April, 10:31
Goals (twitch):
- 5 active chatters
- average 3~5 weekly viewers

Please help a racoon get affiliate 😭
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
04 April, 10:30
Thank you to everyone who stopped by today's stream. It was a short one (around 2 hours) but tomorrow will hopefully be longer.

We're 2 followers closer to our goal :D

Tomorrow we'll be live playing "everybody must die" and maybe other games if recomended.

See you then <3

#VtubersEN #VTubers
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
04 April, 02:34
Streaming now on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/tanukiia...

Study Stream :)

#ENVtuber #studystream
Tanuki Araiguma @Tanuki_Araiguma
03 April, 01:37
Week Schedule :)