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Looking for a friend?πŸ’– I am here For you🌹 Do not Repost artwork without Permission I will sue youπŸ˜‚ Dm me for work an portfolio πŸ’• Discord: stella_str2 | https://twitter.com/stella_str2
I love to watch streaming and chat with gamers I love Minecraft art busy life Gaming art Commissions open For Art.🎈🎈.
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Hello~! My name is Mellow, and I\'m a pineapple fairy! I play games and stream over on Twitch.tv/mellowthefairy, mainly card games and collector based games. I\'m also a video editor for hire, so if you ever need someone to edit a YT video for you just let me know and we can discuss prices! | twitch.tv/mellowthefairy
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I\'m Charlos✨, a 21-year-old-ButterflyπŸ¦‹ Enthusiasm-Join me on this colourful journey🎨 as I explore the beauty http://twitch.tv/charlos_vt