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Diego @Diego
17 April, 04:57
Here is some of my own art, I made for a book I was writing. Enjoy, and don't take it
Diego @Diego
28 May, 01:17
Hey everyone, it was brought to my attention, that the drawing I made and posted on this website, has been taken by someone else. By the name of Iris, and they have not credited me, or asked me to post it anywhere else. So please, if you know anything, send a message and tell me what you can.
Diego @Diego
04 May, 12:36
It was asked of me recently if I do both art and rigging, and the answer to that is, yes, I do in fact do both art and rigging
Diego @Diego
01 May, 10:32
Hello everyone, sorry for my absence I have been busy due to personal reason, and work. But I am back and ready to continue my work on here, and meet each of you who would like to commission me for art/models, or just wants to talk and get to know each other. Much love to you all
Diego @Diego
19 April, 09:27
I've decided to try and make vtuber models, since I am doing well with regular art
Diego @Diego
17 April, 06:29
Hey everyone, if you're looking for someone to talk to, or looking to buy some art, my pms are open.